Jul 27, 2012

Taking Benefits from Heathrow Airport Parking Service

A few days ago, I continued a chatting with an old friend who lives in London.  He told me about the latest situation of his travel preparation to South Africa. He has booked the flights, the hotel room and the car hire company, but he’s still confused to decide the best way to get to the airport.

He will fly via Heathrow Airport, one of the busiest airports worldwide in London. His options are leaving his car at the Heathrow parking slot or taking a taxi. He actually more prefers to drive a car himself to the airport, but he’s afraid missing his flight as searching a parking space at the hectic Heathrow Airport can be a totally nightmare. Parking cost is also becoming his concern.

I was glad that I was able to help him with useful information. I suggested him to take advantages of Heathrow Airport parking service that offers various types of parking. To get the best rates, he must choose and book in advance a parking slot that suits his needs; as he can save up to 60%. Planning ahead is always the best, right?

Since his most concern is affordability, long stay parking at ncp Heathrow Terminal 5 can be a great option for him. His trip will possibly spend about a week and his flight will depart through Terminal 5. This car park facility is located close to Terminal 5; he can easily take free shuttle bus to reach the terminal building in just five to ten minutes.  

To get the most inexpensive daily rates, he must compare all of the offered prices and then make an informed choice. Booking a parking slot earlier is very important step to get better online advanced booking prices. His car will be safe and sound during his vacation and he can save lots of money on parking expenses. Isn’t it great!

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