Jul 19, 2012

Rejuvenate Your Skin and Look Younger by Laser Skin Tightening


Are you feeling ashamed of your losing skin? Don’t worry because Laser Skin Tightening always welcomes people to make them look younger and energetic. People with attractive faces and glowing skin are always noticed and much preferred. After all, your face is a key centre of your body part. However, as the time passes, your skin starts losing its suppleness and glow. Your skin does not remain same like before. The wrinkles start forming and everyone notices the sagging of your skin.

Reasons for skin loose
Skin is an elastic organ of our body and as we move, grow and specially when we lose weight, our skin stretches and it  acts as a rubber which covers the whole body and like other organs of the body, it is also an organ of the body comprising of cells. Our skin has different layers and these layers are called the dermis and sub-dermis made up of elastic connective tissues, blood vessels, fibers and all kinds of elements, which can stretch or contract contingent upon how they’re treated.

However, these uninformative could be removed if you go through some skin tightening procedures. Evolving technology has merged with several treatments. Whether they are surgical or non-surgical ones but all these are called skin-tightening procedures. I would like to throw some light on some of the basic and famous procedures to undergo.

Non-Surgical facelift: This procedure uses infrared light source. Heats up the deep layers of skin and results in immediate muscular contraction of the collagen. During the facelift procedure, the skin surface is exposed to continuous cooling through hand piece. The growth of new collagen takes place under the skin and results is latter’s tightening.

This Laser Skin Tightening, at least takes place 3-6 months to become visible. It avoids skin pigmentation and risk of formation of dimples. You can use this procedure to any part of body or any skin type as well. There could be bruising or redness after this but will last for few hours. Hence, you can use this procedure to remove wrinkles, sagging of skin and can get a relaxed skin.

Aluma Skin Tightening: This tightening procedure is based on radio frequency. Mainly used for treatment of wrinkles and loose skin. A conductive lotion is applied to a particular area, the blemishes are removed by Alumna headpiece to suction up the skin. Radio frequency is sent to suctioned skin to form the growth of new collagen. Skin surface remains untouched during the whole procedure.

This procedure is mainly used on face, neck, near the eyes, abdomen and knees. Minor swelling is formed after the whole process but it has hardly any side effects. The results do not last for long time but give marvelous results for the given time period.

Although Laser Skin Tightening promises you to look younger, but what’s more important is to follow the instructions recommended by the physician. Take healthy nutrients and use antioxidants if you do not want to undergo these therapies.

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