Jul 20, 2012

Sky Watch: Afternoon Sun at a Cemetery

This afternoon sun captured when we visited my father's and mother's graves last week.

11 komentar:

magiceye July 20, 2012  

The sun in mourning
Lovely capture

Meoww July 20, 2012  

Interesting strands in the middle.

Merisi in Vienna July 20, 2012  

Outstanding pictures, caught in a precious moment in time.


Shaq Derri July 20, 2012  

nice scenery...

Shilpa July 20, 2012  

Beautiful composing on photos! I hope their blessing always with you :)


Carver July 20, 2012  

Very beautiful sky with soft colors.

Unknown July 20, 2012  

A lamenting sun!! Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Olivr July 21, 2012  

very nice scene.

akur July 21, 2012  

Pemandangan yang ., indah good looking :-)


SandyCarlson July 22, 2012  

A beautiful and peaceful perspective on a place for remembering.

forgetmenot July 23, 2012  

A very fitting shot for your visit to your parents' graves. Beautifully captured. Mickie :)

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