Jul 6, 2012

Sky Watch: Various Skies

Skies are always changeable, therefore we love to watch and capture it!
A branch of the same kapok tree that I have posted here a few weeks ago. The fruits are already appearing. Can you see the kapok fruits?
Sunset from the balcony
Sky Watch Friday

8 komentar:

Kusum July 06, 2012  

Beautiful pictures. I like the first one a lot. Simple and elegant!

Unknown July 06, 2012  

Great skies; I like the pastels best. Boom & Gary of the Vermilon River, Canada.

Sylvia K July 06, 2012  

Love your captures for the day, Lina! I love the first and the last one in particular! Wonderful skies! Have a lovely weekend!


Kim, USA July 06, 2012  

Great captures! Love it!


vincibene July 06, 2012  

Gorgeous pictures!

WE July 06, 2012  

Good one. Yes, can see the fruits :)

Black Jack's Carol July 07, 2012  

All great shots, but i too am attracted to the delicate simplicity of the first one. Just lovely!

Shilpa July 07, 2012  

Beautiful sky watch! I love the first shot :)

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