Oct 24, 2018

The Importance of Carpet Restreching

We don’t like to see early wrinkles on our face. The feeling is the same even worse when you find out wrinkles in your wall-to-wall carpet in the living room. You just moved in to your house a few weeks ago and the carpet floor installed by the installers from the nearby carpet store.  The most probable cause of developed carpet ripples or wrinkles is your new carpet was not stretched-in properly and not installed correctly during the installation process.  In this carpet issue, getting good carpet restreching service is the one and only solution.
carpet restreching
As mentioned at the manufacturer specification, carpet that installed over a padding should be stretched in the right manner. Wrongly carpet installation may build up wrinkles and cause further damages that most likely difficult to repair. If not handled immediately, loose carpet flooring can become a hazard that might cause fall over incidents.

On the other situation, you still might discover wrinkles, crimples and lumps in the carpet flooring that already installed correctly. Here are a few reasons:
-Over-wetting your carpet. It might happen when you do-it-yourself the carpet cleaning or hiring less experienced carpet cleaners.

-Due to regular wear and tear. The seams between the tacking strips that attach it to the sub-floor may take apart, the carpet fibres may pull away or the tacking strips might be broken. Over times, the carpet itself might become less tight.

-Hotter weather might cause the carpet to expand especially when the carpet gets exposed straightly by sunshine through the windows.

Besides obvious signs like wrinkles, bubbles, ripples, lumps and humps in the carpet, there are other signs that indicate your carpet requires restreching service that include uneven carpet surface and the carpet that seems drawn to the edges of the room. Experienced carpet technicians can see the signs of loose carpet that not clearly seen by untrained persons.

Once you see whichever of those signs, as long as your carpet still in good condition, the stretching should be done shortly by the certified and skilled professionals in your area.   Carpet restreching process involves pulling the carpeting tighter and re-securing it to the tacking strips on the sub-floor to create flat and smooth carpet surface again.  Getting your loose carpet restreched is very important to avoid tripping dangers and keep away from further carpet damage such as tearing and snagging that caused by the bumpy carpet surface.

In other words, carpet stretching can reduce the hazard for anyone who steps on it and enhance the lifespan of your carpet. Stretching carpet is not recommended for a do-it-yourself job as the process needs specific tools, skills and techniques.  Let the certified technicians do the job for you; they know what the best method to repair your carpet in the most efficient way. Say good bye to those wrinkles in your carpet!

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