Oct 16, 2018

Best Way to Save Your Flood Damaged Carpet

Your carpet flooring and flood never get along one another since any type of water damage is destructive. We know that residential water damage can be caused by various reasons internally or externally and it can happen without prior signs. Anyway, this post will discuss more about water damage that caused by weather such as rainy storm or flood.  

When heavy flood causes surging water inside home, it will make massive destruction on your assets. One of the worst damaged goods is most likely the flooring especially your carpeted floors.  It is surely distressing to see your beautiful carpets that suffered severe impact.  What to do to save the carpet flood damage?  You should act fast. Don’t let the carpet soaked in standing water more than 48 hours. If possible, try your best to remove the flood damaged carpet from the wet ground and locate it in a safe and dry area.
carpet flood damage
The next crucial step is getting emergency service from a trusted water damage restoration company.  During the urgent times, you need skillful professionals that provide you with high quality support. Though chased by times, you should think clearly to avoid doing mistakes that only make things worse. Ideally you have already known what company that you can trust before and keep their contact numbers for emergency times. Here are a bit hints to help when choosing the right flood restoration company

1. Legal certification.
The company has legal certification and documentation stated that they handle restoration needs in your area. Good company always obeys the law and follows the related rules; it is the company that you can trust.

2. Getting positive reviews from the customers.
If possible, you can go online first and search testimonials about the company through different local resource sites. You can also ask for recommendations about the best local company from your closest people who live in the same area.

3. Located in or around your area.
Getting local service is the best for handling your emergency situation. You need urgent help from professionals that you expect can come within an hour.

4. The technicians are experienced, skillful, helpful, trained and IICRC certified.   

5. Using the latest technology, excellent quality of machinery and eco-friendly products.

6.A variety of 24 hours emergency services.  
No one knows when home emergency that caused by water damage happens. You may need emergency service at any time. Knowing that you can depend on professionals who available 24 hours to support in your crucial times is really a big relief.

The process of water damage restoration in the affected area might involve various procedures and actions. Good company that experiences in restoring the flooded property will able to offer different services that include carpet drying, carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, carpet repair and reinstall, water removal, structure and flooring drying, odour control,  mould remediation, sewer restoration and other related services.

7.The services offered at reasonable rates. The chosen company should give you  good value of money.

Following the hints will guide you getting the right support. But if you live in Melbourne, you can straightly choose WetCarpetCleaners, the flood restoration company in Melbourne that provides mentioned services and ensure you with 100% satisfaction guarantee. Their certified technicians follow health and safety procedures to make sure your home environment clean and healthy again.

So, let the professionals decide whether your flooded carpet can be saved or not.  Drying and cleaning wet carpet yourself after heavy natural flood is a big NO. Only IICRC-certified professionals that able to make certain your carpet is dried and cleaned in the most efficient method.

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