Oct 16, 2018

Precautionary actions to be taken by single parent families to curb debts

The plight of a single parent can be quite disturbing if the source of income is not stable. Even if the income is fixed then also in many cases, it is not enough to provide for all the children in a suitable manner. The single parent has to work both at the professional place and also at home, so the whole thing becomes very difficult to handle.

The physical and emotional burden that a person has to face as a single parent is huge, but many people can negotiate with the situation if they can keep the child happy and comfortable even while being a single parent. Finances are important for any household, but for a single parent, the amount of money required increases and the present sum decreases. The working of two parents keep the finances balanced to a great extent, but when the parent has to do everything on one's own, then the financial balance becomes destabilized. Hence as a single parent, the task is difficult, and the road towards financial stability is rough.
The important actions which can be taken by single parents for checking debts

The financial resources of a single parent are a huge factor when it comes to determining the financial ability of that person. If the money is present in more than sufficient quantity, then problems won’t occur, but if the money is not sufficient or if the single parent doesn't have a stable job then the issue of money becomes huge and creates a profound impact on the family. For parents who don’t have a stable job or was not working from before but had to assume the role of a single parent due to inadvertent issues then the following actions can be taken so that the debts are restricted from the very beginning:

·         Hunting for jobs along with awareness
When the single parent doesn’t have a job, then the first instinct is to get a job anywhere, and some people also try to work at two or more different job locations in order to acquire money. There is no doubt about the fact that jobs are necessary, but jobs suited to one's qualifications are also necessary. Many employers employ pole at lower wages because they desperately need a job while there are also other employers in the job market who pay the employed individuals as per their work and qualification. If a single parent has some specific skills then looking for jobs that are suited to those skills might help him/her to get a suitable paying job. Hence job search should be specific and directed towards finding the best paying jobs in the industry.

·         Vigorously cutting spending
As a single parent who doesn’t have a job the first thingthat has to be done is to lower down all the expenses as far as possible. It might be difficult for the kids, but still, those strict actions shave to conducted so that loans taken do not turn into debts. If debts occur and are deterring the financial balance, then one should turn to Nationaldebtrelief.com for help and advice. However, reducing the expense will definitely help in saving some money however life-saving medicines have to be purchased so that cost cannot be reduced in any manner whatsoever. The remaining expenses can be lowered as far as possible and have to be kept low until the finances regain a stable position.

·         Choosing loan options very carefully
There are many loan options available in the market, and the presence of a credit card is the easiest form of a loan which can be taken at any particular instance. As a single parent, it is very important to scan through the routes from where the loan can be taken and then select the loan. The option of unsecured and secured loans are well-known, and if the single parent takes a secured loan then the property has to be provided as a guarantee and if unsecured loans are taken then more interest have to be paid. But looking at only secured and unsecured options is not enough. The rate of interest levied by all lending companies and their terms of repayment are not the same. A single parent has to categorically browse the loans that are present and the terms of repayment and then choose the most appropriate loan that can be repaid without any hassles. The duration of paying the loan, the rate of interest levied on the loan, and the number of installments allowed for paying the loans is the common factors which have to be considered while choosing a loan.

·         Reputation and authenticity of a lending company
It is a fact that there are several lending companies in the field of financial aid and these companies help people by providing them with money on credit. However, all lending institutes are not equally genuine. There are many scam organizations and fraudulent companies that do more harm. These companies try to ensnare the borrower into convoluted loan agreements can then levy high amounts when it comes to repayment. These companies should be avoided at all cost even if they agree to provide unsecured loans at a very low rate of interest.

·         Considering the scope of investment
As a single parent, it is vital to save and the saving might not be huge in the initial phase and might seem to meager, but still, that should be considered for investment. There are investment options present in the banks and also in the stock market. Hence as a single parent, the most suitable investment option should be chosen so that the little earnings can make a great difference in the future. The children should also be taught to save money at an early age so that they can understand the need for saving money.

Hence, as a single parent the duties multiply and so do the hassles, but through all these problems one should try to make the best out of a difficult situation.

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