Oct 10, 2018

All you need to know about having a pet horse

Pets are an intricate part of our daily life, and there are so many different animals that we have as pets. While dogs and cats are the most common choice of pets, there are many households, who prefer unique pets. Horses, spiders, snakes are some of the offbeat pets that many prefer. If you own a ranch, it is likely that you will have a stable full of horses. The main trouble arises when taking care of the horses becomes too much for a person. Maintaining and taking care of horses is much different from caring for dogs and cats. Not only do they require completely different treatments but also different food and exercises which often mean you have to learn a lot about all these and ensure the right care is given to them. Before you invest in horses as pets, you must be aware of the various factors related to taking care and training them.
Why horses?

Horses are domesticated animals which not only make a great companion but also serve a lot of useful purposes. From time immemorial, ownership of horses is seen as a status symbol. Even today when technology has advanced so far, people see this as a power quotient. Many people often take part in polo sports and racing and even various kinds of ranch activities. Owning a good breed of horse which is well trained can help you ace such competitions without any hassle at all. Here we are going to discuss all the types of pet care for horses and things that you much consider while choosing horses as your pet. These factors are very important and will make you aware of how to handle horses as pets.

Cost and affordability

There is no doubt that horses are extremely expensive and it is not something everyone can afford. But the main troubles arise after you have got the horses while maintaining it. There is a huge amount of expense involved in feeding, grooming and training the horse and also its medical expenses. This is a continuous expense that many people may not be able to handle in the long run. The stable and accessories like leash, buckle, seats and much more too has a significant amount of expense. Also if you are going on a vacation, you must make arrangements for taking care of your horse at a different shelter which will cost a certain amount of money too. A number of people have trouble handling these costs over a long period of time, and hence it is important that you deliberate on the costs before you actually undertake the investment.


If you expect your daily work and time for the dog is over once you have placed a bucket full of grass in front of the horse and it has started feeding, then you are very wrong. Each horse has their own individual taste, and not all are keen on feeding on grass the whole day. Also, there activity level, age, climate, and other external factors and their medical condition altogether determine their feeding pattern. However, you must remember one thing which is that the horse will not consume enough grass on its own that will support him entirely. Depending on the breed of the horse, a proper diet apart has to be maintained for the horse. Grains, hay, salt, and protein has to be provided in abundance to the horse so that they are healthy and active enough. The health condition of the horse must be taken into consideration when you are choosing to invest in a horse. You can watch a number of horses from different breeds on TVG, and they are well maintained and taken care of. The different breeds have different diet requirements, and it is essential that it is addressed well by the people.


Maintaining horses is an expensive affair. They require huge grounds for sufficient physical activities. It is important that you have enough grounds and space for the horses and then invest in one. You must have a sufficiently large stable for the horse and also proper grounds. Horses need plat time and enough exercise to stay healthy and hence it is important that you have enough open grounds along with your estate where the horses can run around freely. Also, the ground must also have ample shelters for it to rest or at least stay protected in the windy seasons. There are different types of horse breed, but this is one requirement that is common for all.


Do remember, that horses will need a companion and hence it is recommended that you get a pair of them at the least. If you get a single horse, it is likely to get depressed from loneliness over the period of time. Even if you give them ample care and support, without a companion of the same species they cannot survive happily. Hence when you are investing in horses, ensure that you have enough money to invest in a pair and maintain both in the long run. If you are getting a male and a female, be prepared for them to start breeding and soon you may need extra space, play area, food and medicinal support for more horses. If you do not have the budget to buy more than one horse, at least ensure your barn has other domestic animals like goats and owns which can provide some amount of companionship to the horse, but another horse is always the best choice.

Wrapping up

Horse breeding and the ranch culture calls for a number of horses. If you are trying to invest in a horse in the contemporary times, it is important to have a clear idea about what you are getting into. It can be concluded that if you are looking for buying a horse, you must have a thorough idea about the various factors associated with horses and their health maintenance.

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