Oct 26, 2018

Choosing the Right Inspirational T Shirts

We love dressing as much as the next guy-and there are plenty of times you’ll hear us talk about the virtues of a perfectly-made suit. But, let’s face it, a man’s base outfit is a T-shirt and jeans. This is what you wear at home, on the weekends, at the ballpark, and with the kids. You probably spend more of your life in a T-shirt than you need to do in any other item of clothing. (Especially if you sleep in one.) Maybe because it’s such an everyday thing, the T-shirt doesn’t get much attention. You might be working your way through a have a drawer full of all the inspirational shirts you acquired over the years at street races, breweries, so on and bachelor celebrations. Most of us think a T-shirt is just a T-shirt. But let’s think again. Some T-shirts are better than others. (Admit it, that’s why everyone has their favorite.) You will find infinite options out there, but only some of them fit the body the right way-and retain their fit wash after wash. Here’s why the best T-shirts work so well, and how to find them in the first place.

First, nail the fit

We’ve heard it said that only buff guys look good in T-shirts. We humbly disagree, but we get where that idea came from. In an inspirational T-shirt, the only thing that makes you “look good” is fit. And, sure, muscular guys have a head start. But anyone can get fit right. Just be honest with yourself about what you need. First up: sleeves. These should end at mid-bicep. If they’re below the thickest part of the muscle, they’re too long. Also, they should gently hug your arm-so choose a shirt that’s appropriate. Don’t do hammer curls to try and grow into it.

If you’re slim, choose a shirt with a tailored torso so you don’t get swallowed up. If you’re not slim, give yourself more room. Remember that when an inspirational T-shirt fits your chest, it'll make your upper body look bigger. But if you don’t want your upper body to look bigger, or you don’t feel good about your degree of pec firmness, don’t allow it hug too limited. Finally, your tee shirt should eliminate only a few ins below your belt. Nobody can see your abdomen, but the tee shirt shouldn’t totally conceal your butt. Frequently, if the sleeve size is directly on you, overall size will be too.
Comfort should be the leading factor in choosing the right sized shirt. It is inevitable that t-shirts will stretch over time, so select a size that is a thin fit or that is on the small side, not the large side. This allows for a good fit later after a few washes or so.

T-shirt 'Fit' and 'Size' are different. You should always be familiar with your body proportions and body type in order to ensure the style and design of the t-shirt suits you. Such as, some people have a longer waist and would want to opt for longer hemmed shirts.

Shirts usually have labels that describe the fit or type of design. The terminology or naming of the type of fits may differ according to brands, but a basic guideline would be:

·         Slim Fit (for those who are petite, this fit is a tailored slice that curves at the waist and is common choice for female buyers)
·         Regular Fit (a basic design that fits most people)
·         Big/Tall (for those who are taller than six feet)

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