Oct 17, 2018

Make-up mistakes you didn't know you were making

Women and cosmetics go hand in hand! Every woman loves to use make-up, accentuate their best features and look their best. For few women, it's their eyes that they like to highlight with eyeliner, mascara and the perfect eyeshadow. And for others, it could be their lips or cheekbones. Every woman is beautiful in their way. However, sometimes in an attempt to replicate a flawless, airbrushed look, women end up making some grave make-up mistakes. From overdone eyes to overused face powder, we've all been there sometime!

Make-up is an art. And it’s vital that women know what looks good on them and what goes against them. To know more about this, you can refer to www.silkyblossoms.com and read exciting articles shared. That aside, if you want to look your best, make sure you're not making the following make-up mistakes.
1.   Don’t use a concealer excessively
Most women in their attempt to replicate the perfect matte look end up applying an excess amount of concealer. You need to know the primary objective of a concealer. It was initially aimed to cover any pigmentation spots, uneven skin tone or acne marks in the skin. But when you use a wrong shade of concealer excessively, it makes the skin look patchy, by making the fine lines visible. Also, don't use thick concealers and foundations. Instead, opt-in for light foundations that blend well with your skin, hide your uneven tones, give good coverage and a mild sheen. 

2.   Avoid using dark eye shadow the wrong way
Every makeup artist is always very careful with eye-makeup. It can either make a look or destroy it. Also selecting the right shade and pattern of eye-shadow is essential. Most women in an attempt to create the smoky eye look choose the wrong eyeshadow color, overdo the amount or select the wrong pattern. The result is a poorly done make-up which ends up making a woman look older than her age. Hence, it's better to seek professional advice before selecting the correct eye-shadow and pattern.

3.   Not knowing whether to use blush or highlighter
The recent makeup tutorial videos on Instagram or YouTube show artists making use of highlighter on their cheeks instead of a blush. It creates the dewy and glossy look which most supermodels flaunt today. However, it is essential to know whether your face will pull off a blush or a highlighter better. Sometimes, a perfect combination of both works great. So get in touch with a professional make-up artist to get the best suggestion and buy your products accordingly.

4.   Using excess of face powder
A liquid foundation, primer needs to be followed by an even application of face powder. However, it is essential to ensure that you don't use excess face power to look bright or even on skin. Excess face power will make you look all caked up and older than your age.

Getting the right makeup look is a matter of practice and also knowing what looks right on you. When you avoid the common makeup mistakes, you apply what suits you best and look your best as well.

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