Oct 26, 2018

8 Budget-Friendly Ways to Decorate Your Home

Every home is beautiful whether it’s newly built or not. It can be stylish according to the homeowner. Decorating it helps to make the house homier and provides good vibes to everybody.

Yet, sometimes homeowners step back in decoration because they think it’s too expensive. Fear not because there are ways that you can decorate your house with limited budget. There are plenty suggestions you can follow for your own house. Read them below:
Paint your walls

This is one of the common ways when decorating a home. Painting your walls is a cost-effective way to update your home style. You can choose which room in the house you would want to pain or repaint. It could be the bedrooms for starter. Two or three cans of paint are enough to cover the entire room, but it depends on the size of the room.

Before you buy your chosen paint cans, take the measure of the room you would like to paint. You can use the measurement when you get to the hardware store and show it to the staff so he or she can recommend the number of paint cans you may need.
Repurpose existing home materials and stuff

Repurposing your old furniture and home stuff is your first choice when decorating your house with limited budget. You can recycle old designs and materials to create a new and unique style that makes your home more glam. You can transform the look of your home – from old to new.

Before you decorate your home, check all existing materials and furniture and see if you can repurpose them. You can do your research first and apply what you’ve learned. Ask a handy friend or family member for help. Moreover, repurposing is also an eco-friendly way to showcase your style.

Use plants, vases, and pots

Another budget-friendly way to decorate your home is putting some plants and shrubs. Buying vases and pots make your home eco-friendly. You can buy basic green plants that you can place on both indoors and outdoors. You can also paint the vases and pots with your chosen vibrant colors.

Select the best lighting for your home

You can also change the lights at your home. Right lighting can help transforming the mood of the house. You can change the lights in your kitchen to make it brighter. A lamp is a good choice in bedroom or living room. If you’re a reading nook, you can place it on the side table. You can be stylish as much as you want.

Enliven your bathroom

You can start by changing the shower curtain or you can a liner to make it livelier. Adding fragrant candles and bouquet is a classy touch. Bathroom counter and sink should only contain toiletries and other bathroom essentials. 

Pile up your books

Stacking books creates a homey feeling. If you have a book shelf, arrange your books according to authors or genres, depending on what’s easiest. If you don’t have shelves, you can pile them on a flat surface such as side table dedicated for the books.

Set up a gallery area

If you have printed pictures, sketches or painted stuff, you can display them in one area and make it a gallery. You can arrange them in any way you want.

Change your bed sheets

To achieve a refresh bedroom, start changing your bed sheets. You can choose hotel-style sheets – with colored border or the classic one. You can also get eye-catching headboard and match it with shades of your sheets. Another suggestion is match your bed sheet with the color of your bedroom.

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Candy Lars is a lifestyle and travel enthusiast. She works for an ad firm while blogging occasionally for PAAL Kit Homes. Candy is a big fan of Marvel and Harry Potter.

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