Jun 16, 2017

10 Cool Ways to Brighten Up Your House

Whenever you open a magazine about interior design, you get swiped away from your feet by pictures of wonderful, bright, and luxurious home. We’ve all dreamed that one day our own home would look like that, but not many of us got to make those dreams come true. If you’re in love with Pinterest-worthy homes, there are easy ways to transform your boring, old home into a cool, bright one, and it doesn’t require thousands of dollars and years of hard work.

#1 – Use mirrors wisely

Interior designers advise using mirrors to make any room appear bigger and more spacious: hallways, living rooms, as well as dining rooms. No matter what room you decide to fill with mirrors, always try to hang them across from the windows so that they reflect sunlight as much as possible.

#2 – Bring in some plants

You don’t have to turn your home into a jungle; a few plants strategically placed in corners, on coffee tables, or on a shelf will make any room look more inviting. Small cacti are wonderful, and they make a lovely, colourful statement. For those who aren’t fond of cacti, there are always other options such as succulents, bamboo, fresh herbs, and aloe vera.

#3 – Colourful rugs

Even if you live in a small apartment and you wish to keep the walls white so that the room appears brighter, you can add a graphic rug and make it more interesting without turning it dark. It can be a pink or a bright green rug made of faux fur, or you can pick the one with intricate geometric patterns for the ultimate summer look.

#4 – Mason jars to the rescue

A great way to get personalized, DIY flower vases is to take ordinary mason jars and paint them. You can aim for that vintage, worn-out look, or you can cover it with glue and dip it in glitter to make it more glamorous and elegant.

#5 – Twigs and branches

Fresh flowers are also a nice way to add more light and life in a room. Pick fresh flowers that are both colourful and smell good: roses and lilies, and you can also get some orchids if you want a touch of something exotic. If you’d like it to be a bit different, you can also experiment with twigs and branches which you can spray paint silver and wrap with satin ribbons.

#6 – Add a touch of gold

Gold will always be a colour of luxury, and it’s a great choice when you need to brighten a space. You don’t have to paint your walls gold or use gold rugs, but gold throw pillows, gilded photo frames, gold handles, flower pots, and gold-rimmed curtains will reflect the light in a beautiful way. 

#7 – Glam glassware

Glassware is great, but it can also be boring. Everyone is tired of ordinary glasses and jars, so why not opt for something more eye-catching? Swap your classic glassware with colorful additions for an added punch to your sips: green, blue, yellow, and pink will look great on your shelves as well as on the table.

#8 – Boxes and bins

A great way to keep things in order and your rooms clutter-free is to get boxes and bins, or multifunctional furniture. Lovely chevron bins will look great in a living room, especially when they have graphic prints in bright colours.

#9 – Sheer window coverings

A dimly lit room will always look gloomy, even if it’s big and painted white. Instead of heavy draperies, pick the sheer ones, or pick blinds on their own to get that casual style. You want your draperies and rollers to be light-colored, especially to add some contrast against the strong walls. If you don’t have the time or the patience to go to the store and browse there, you can find perfect roller blinds online and save yourself some time.

#10 – Use white or light-coloured furniture.

Wherever possible, pick white or light-coloured furniture: coffee tables, bookcases, credenzas, couches, and chairs. These look particularly good on dark wood floors, and if you pair it with an off-white rug it will look magical.

We’re almost finished with June, and summer is in full swing, so it’s only natural your home to look as great as you feel. Simply by adding pops of colour and lovely details in each room, you will be able to transform your dark home into an oasis of light, colours, and peace. 

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Anonymous July 19, 2017  

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