Jun 19, 2019

Learn Why Sheepskin Jackets Are So Popular Across the Globe

The onset of winter is marked by the hunting of warm and stylish jackets and coats. The latest rage is that of the sheepskin jackets for women, although it would not be appropriate to say that these have not been popularly in demand for many years now. Everybody woman wishes to own a sheepskin jacket not just because they are incredibly warm, but also because they are very stylish and considered a status symbol of late. Purchasing this luxurious piece of garment is no small investment and this is why it requires careful consideration on your part before buying it.

There are a number of factors that you must keep in mind when buying sheepskin jackets for women. First of all, the jacket should be purchased after checking the fit of it. No matter how expensive the jacket is, if it does not fit well, it will only take away from your overall look. This is something no woman likes.

Other than this, the colour of the jacket should be picked carefully. Universal colours such as brown, black, and blue must be preferred over quirky ones such as red, green, or purple. If you are someone who likes keeping it simple, stick to sober shades; however, if you like experimenting with your looks, you can go ahead an unusual shade of the jacket which will enhance your overall look.
You must be wondering why to put people put in so much effort and purchase something so expensive when there are cheaper jackets available in the market. This is because sheepskin jackets are not ordinary jackets. They represent the status of the woman wearing it. Here are a few major reasons behind their widespread popularity.
1.   Warmth of the jacket- Sheepskin jackets basically came into being during the first world war itself but it was during the second world war that they became famous. This is because they were first made to be worn by the pilots of the fighter planes who flew at altitudes above 30,000 meters where the temperature can go as low as minus fifty degrees Celsius. The structure of a sheep’s skin is such which properly insulates the air circulation and help retain the heat of the body. This is why people living in regions of extreme cold prefer to buy sheepskin jackets over any others.

2.   High durability- No doubt sheepskin jackets are very costly but if you consider their high quality, you will realize that they are a long term investment. If you make efforts to properly care for your sheepskin jacket, it will last for significantly longer. If you choose to buy a faux jacket instead, it may come cheap but will not last longer than two or three years at the most. When you purchase original sheepskin jackets for women, they will only look better with every use. All that you need to do is take good care of them. You must store them away from direct sun exposure, in a dark closet. Do not fold them and never stuff them in a plastic bag. Apart from this, you are never supposed to clean the jackets in a washing machine and never ever dry clean them. In case, you spot a stain that seems hard to go on its own or by your efforts, hand the jacket over to the experts and let them do their job. If you take all these steps for maintenance, have no doubt, your sheepskin jacket will definitely last really long.

3.   Moisture-wicking and resistant to water- The natural properties of the sheepskin jackets are such that make them moisture wicking and resistant to water. This is to say that sheepskin jackets not only keep liquids at bay but also wick the perspiration from your skin. The wool fibres are so layered that they easily repel the water and provide protection against moisture. It would be right to that these jackets are thermally regulated. If you happen to be caught in the rain wearing your sheepskin jacket, you must simply shake off the excess water on it and let it dry naturally before brushing the jacket with a soft brush. This will prevent water spots.

4.   Not meant only for winters- Many people believe that sheepskin jackets can only be worn during the extreme winter season and is not appropriate to be worn in moderate climates. This is a completely wrong perception. Sheepskin jackets are highly versatile and are best-known for their breathability and tendency to wick moisture which is why body temperature remains regulated when wearing these jackets no matter what the temperature outside is. This implies you will stay comfortable wearing sheepskin jacket during winter, autumn, and spring.

These are a few major reasons behind the popularity of sheepskin jackets for women. Just because they can warm you so well, do not be mistaken that sheepskin jackets are very heavy. Unlike other winter coats and jackets, sheepskin jackets are extremely lightweight and this makes them ideal for wearing over several layers of clothing.

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