Aug 21, 2023

Shapewear is Booming, Do You Want to Catch the Latest Trend?


Why is Shapewear booming? 

Although shapewear does not give permanent smoothing solutions, it turns out that more and more women are taking benefits of wearing it frequently.  It is a fact that there is a huge demand for shaping garments. Fashionable women who are concerned about their body shape really need those shapewear pieces to gain their desired look instantly. 

Shaper clothing like faja body shaper truly has provided many insecure women with smooth, curvy silhouettes to feel more confident in outfits they are wearing.  Moreover, the improved design and increasingly advanced technology of compression fabrics makes today's shaping clothes more stylish and comfortable to wear for hours. 

Latest Shapewear Trend 

Just like other popular fashion items, shaper clothing has its own trend as well. This article will discuss a bit about the latest two shapewear trends that fashionable women need to know and how to embrace them. 

Everyday shapewear 

Is it safe and comfy to wear it every day? Some of you probably are still in doubt, right? Fortunately, the improvements in fabric innovation allows us to discover everyday shapewear pieces which are intended to be soft, lightweight, stretchy and breathable. Say goodbye to the stiff, uncomfortable undergarments of the past! 

It is possible now to wear shaping garments that feel like your second skin on a daily basis. You are able to move freely while still receiving the rewards of a slimmer body shape. 

Hip Lace Plastic Shorts
Daily wear shaper shorts available at Curvy-faja

Are you in search of everyday shapewear? Consider things as follows:

-The right compression level

Comfort is your priority.  Gently shaping or light to medium compression level should be your preference, especially for new users. 

-The right size

The perfect fit shapewear feels like hugging you comfortably and accentuating your natural curves in a smoother way. 

- Wear time

You can wear it for 8-12 hours if the compression is light while 6-8 hours usage is for medium shaping level. It would be better to take it off when going to sleep. 

- The right material

Have contouring control, soft, breathable, lightweight, flexible. 

- The right shapewear types

Put away your traditional underwear and take everyday shaping undergarments instead such as daily wear fajas shorts featured above, daily wear shaping thongs and panties. 

Shapewear becomes a new outerwear

Today's shapewear developed in various designs and created as a part of trendy fashion items. The fact that many celebs are captured in social media embracing this new trend makes it a big wave.

Yep, modern shaping garments are not always hidden under clothes anymore. Many women around the world are imagining shapewear in a new way and integrating it into their daily clothes as outerwear. 

Bodysuit for Women Tummy Control Shapewear Seamless Sculpting Thong Body Shaper Tank Top
Bodysuit as a tank top available at Curvy-faja

Leggings With Blue Neoprene Tummy Control
Shapewear leggings available at Curvy-faja

Here are a few ideas for you, all items are Curvy-faja collection. 

-Bodysuit as a slimming tank top 

It is the most preferred way to embrace this trend. Pair it with skirts or high waist jeans. 

-Shaping pants 

Shapewear pants like leggings can be paired with different tops, from sweaters, tees, long cardigans to blazers. It's a versatile piece. 

Final words

Whatever shapewear trend that you would like to embrace, whether wearing everyday shapewear to swap your undergarments or wearing it as your up-to-date outerwear; at the end of the day, those pieces boost your confidence that you deserve. 

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