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Best Places to Live in Westchester County, NY

Sunlit residential street in Westchester County with parked red bicycle and flowering tree.

Exploring the best places to live in Westchester County unveils a world of charming environments, each unique in its appeal. This region, conveniently located near New York City, offers diverse living options. Whether you seek family-oriented neighborhoods renowned for their excellent schools or prefer areas busy with local activities, Westchester County caters to all. Also, for those facing the urgency of a move, finding movers skilled to handle a last-minute move is essential, especially in areas as dynamic as Westchester County. This ability to swiftly adapt to changing needs is part of what makes living in this region both exciting and practical. Westchester County stands as a prime destination for a variety of lifestyles. Let’s uncover the gems that make each area in Westchester a contender for your next home.

Places to Live in Westchester County

Residing in Westchester County offers an immersion into a community deeply dedicated to educational excellence, cultural richness, and a superior quality of life. Also, this county takes pride in its diverse cultural landscape and the vibrancy of its community gatherings, promoting a deep sense of belonging. It's a region where daily life is filled with opportunities to connect, learn, and grow in an environment that values and upholds its cultural heritage. Moreover, Westchester County is attentive to the needs of all its residents, including older adults, with a focus on home safety for seniors, ensuring a secure and comfortable living space for every age group.


Scarsdale is a suburban retreat celebrated for its outstanding public education system, drawing numerous families to its welcoming embrace. This community, marked by safety and wealth, offers a spectrum of recreational pursuits. Its parks, teeming with green spaces, and the array of local events craft a harmonious balance between leisure and community engagement. Here, residents find a lifestyle that combines comfort with vibrant community interaction, making Scarsdale a desired location for those seeking a fulfilling suburban experience.

Elegant white house with a covered porch at dusk, end of a gravel driveway.
Scarsdale, a wealthy and safe community, has a variety of leisure activities available.


Bronxville offers a quaint, small-town feel alongside easy access to New York City. Its inviting downtown, reputable schools, and tight-knit community atmosphere make it appealing to families and professionals. This town blends the charm of close community living with the comfort of urban access, establishing itself as a top choice for a balance between quiet neighborhood life and the vibrancy of city proximity. It's a place where community warmth and urban advantages meet.


Rye, a scenic gem along the Westchester County coastline, offers a blend of seaside tranquility and community. Its stunning beaches and well-kept parks make it a highly sought-after location among the places to live in Westchester County. It is ideal for both families and individuals to move in here. Rye's commitment to top-tier education and diverse community programs enriches the lives of its residents.

When planning a move to Rye, an essential step is considering the logistics. Opting for experienced movers in Rye NY, can significantly streamline the process. These professionals are adept at navigating the unique aspects of coastal relocations, ensuring a smooth transition to this serene yet vibrant community. Settling in Rye means embracing its balance of natural splendor and strong community ties.


With its rich cultural heritage, Tarrytown is celebrated for its dynamic downtown, historic landmarks, and varied cultural events. This town uniquely merges traditional charm with modern living, offering a distinct lifestyle. Residents enjoy a blend of historical richness and contemporary conveniences, making Tarrytown an appealing destination for those valuing cultural depth.

Nighttime scene with a lighthouse and illuminated bridge over tranquil waters in Westchester, NY.
Tarrytown has a rich cultural history and is well-known for its lively downtown and historic sites.

White Plains

In the heart of Westchester County, White Plains presents a unique blend of natural beauty and urban convenience. It's a highly recommended destination for those seeking a new home, combining serene landscapes with a lively urban atmosphere. The downtown area bustles with shopping, dining, and entertainment, making it a magnet for both residents and visitors. As one of the standout places to live in Westchester County, White Plains is well-connected through public transportation and major highways and has a strong community atmosphere. This city is a draw for both commuters and families, offering educational excellence with its top-rated schools.

Cultural events and community activities are the heartbeats of White Plains, fostering a vibrant sense of belonging and engagement. Outdoor concerts, farmers' markets, and art installations add to the city's dynamic culture. For those considering a move here, managing it is key—with this in mind, looking for a White Plains movers company can be a vital step. It will secure a hassle-free move into this welcoming and diverse community.

Man unloading cardboard boxes from a white van in front of a home
Hiring movers is essential for anyone thinking about relocating.


A haven for those who love coastal living, Mamaroneck offers many water-based activities. The place’s welcoming atmosphere makes it a standout choice for various lifestyles. Here, residents enjoy the charm of coastal life, complemented by various recreational options. Mamaroneck's blend of lively community interactions and waterfront leisure creates an ideal setting for those seeking a dynamic yet relaxing lifestyle. 


With its rich artistic ambiance and stunning views, this place attracts a vibrant community of artists and creatives. The charming, peaceful town offers the tranquility of a smaller community while maintaining easy access to the amenities of city life. For new residents, exploring the various things to do after moving into your new home here is exciting—from engaging with the local arts scene to discovering the town's natural beauty. This blend of serene living and creative exploration makes Hastings-on-Hudson a uniquely appealing place to call home.

Final Words

A region of diverse and appealing towns offers some of the most desirable places to live in Westchester County. Each town in Westchester contributes its unique charm to this region. Moreover, Westchester County combines natural beauty, cultural depth, and lifestyle diversity, making it an ideal area for finding a place to call home.






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