Nov 20, 2014

7 Ways a Cup of Honey with Warm Water Can Help You

Often, we don't pay much attention on our healthy until we get sick. When we do, we think of all the ways we could have prevented that on time. Combination of honey and warm water makes the perfect healthy and natural elixir and if used on daily basis can improve our health. This combination has got proven health benefits on human organism and there are almost no parts of our body that won't be affected by it. When you read these 7 ways how this beverage helps your body from the inside, you will probably consume it every day and enjoy the results from the outside. 

1. Regulation of body weight

The sweet taste of honey comes from natural sugars containing good, healthy calories. Having sweet flavor in our mouth will reduce our cravings for other refined and unhealthy sugars. (Which create body fat and lead us to gain weight) If there are no more cravings, we will probably eat less sweet, reduce fat in our body and lose weight.

2. Beneficial effects on digestion

Honey has antiseptic properties which has beneficial effects on digestion. The results of consuming it every day are regulation of poor digestion, lower gas problems and lower problems with constipation. 

3. Boosts immunity

Honey is natural antioxidant which neutralizes toxins in our body in a manner that improves our immunity and makes us more resistant to negative effects of harmful ingredients of our bad diet and nutrition or pathogens that can cause severe illnesses.

4. Gives us energy

Healthy combination of honey in a warm water makes beverage that boosts our energy level and makes us more vital and prepared for everyday tasks. It also increases our concentration.

5. Detoxication

Honey helps our organism to get rid of all the toxic compounds in our blood and organism and also relieves the liver of stress, renewing its ability to decompose all toxic/harmful ingredients.

6. Honey makes us beautiful

It's not unknown that honey has been used as a beauty ingredient since forever. It makes skin smoother, giving it healthy glow and makes it more elastic and fresh. 

7. Health benefits in general 

Honey in warm water improves hydration of organism, increases level of good cholesterol and lowers the risk of heart diseases. The best ways to consume this healthy elixir is drinking it as soon as you get up in the morning, before having breakfast - on empty stomach. It has the best effect that way, because all the good ingredients will spread through organism faster providing you energy, health and beauty. 

Although you may have
ni card so you can be treated and cured in other countries but your own if that is the case, maybe the best card to healthy lifestyle is taking small changes day by day and providing your body something healthy, natural and really working, like this simple glass of honey and water, full of benefits. Healthy lifestyle and awareness of good nutrition prevents diseases and it is the best insurance. It's no wonder that it is said: It is better preventing than cure!

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