Nov 20, 2014

Winter Wedding Gown Trends for 2014-2015

If you've been dreaming of a winter wedding, then chances are you've been wondering what types of winter wedding gowns are the most popular for this season. From stunning colors to sequins, faux fur, and even feathers, there are several trends that stand out. If you want to dress to impress for your winter wedding, then these trends are sure to turn heads from the church to the reception hall and beyond.

Beyond the Pale
While a white wedding gown is the most logical choice for a winter wedding, there are other choices that are beautiful as they are unique. For example, consider a glittering two-tone dress in ivory and pink and complete the look with a soft and luxurious faux fur stole to keep your shoulders warm as you move from the limo to the church. If you want to move completely away from white, then consider other winter colors, such as an ice blue gown layered with lace to create a frost effect. These gowns can be worn with matching or accessorized veils. When it comes to accessories, consider white or blue feathers, lace trim, or gold or silver baubles, especially if your dress is white or ivory.

From Fur to Feathers
If you're wearing a strapless dress, then you may be concerned about staying warm when you have to be outside or in a drafty church. One solution is to add a stole or a wrap to your dress. A simple faux fur wrap that surrounds the shoulders and fastens at the front of your gown is a simple but elegant look that anyone can pull off, no matter the style of the dress. If you're getting married in a location that has especially cold weather, you can add a slip-on fur jacket that can be easily removed once you go indoors. A floor-length wrap that rises above the shoulders and is made of a stylish but warm material is another option, especially if you want to avoid any type of fur.

If you prefer feathers over fur, consider adding a feather stole or wrap to your gown. Many of these wraps are made with faux feathers that closely resemble the real thing so that you never have to worry about any part of your winter wedding gown looking fake or unsightly. One trend for this year is to add a train with feathers to your gown, which will keep your neck and back warm while adding a unique touch of elegance as well.

Gorgeous Gloves
A winter wedding can be a thing of beauty, but it can also be difficult to keep your extremities warm as you're traveling to and from the church and the reception hall. The best way to solve this problem is to add a pair of gloves to your wedding gown ensemble. Whether they're wrist or full sleeve, white gloves add a sense of timeless class to your look and match almost any gown. If your gown is ivory, silver, or blue, then consider getting gloves that are custom dyed to match the color exactly so they don't clash. For an added touch of elegance, add sequins or lace edges to the cuffs for shorter gloves.

Plus Size Prom Dresses
There are a number of winter wedding gown trends in fashion this season, and with so many to choose from, you're sure to find something that suits your style and taste. Whether you're getting married in an outdoor winter wonderland like a park or at an indoor location, these gowns and their accessories are sure to stay in everyone's memories long after you say "I do."

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