Oct 19, 2015

Bridesmaid Dresses Etiquette

A female best friend has chosen you to accompany and support her throughout the hectic wedding preparation till her big day.  Would this be your first experience to become a bridesmaid of your best friend’s wedding that will be held in a few months ahead? As one of would-be bride’s assistants, you should know the to-dos that related on your duties as a bridesmaid.

Besides her own wedding gown, a bride should also search for other kind of required apparel. Whatever dress that needed for the entire wedding events, finding and choosing the most preferred dresses to wear is never easy. When the bride asks for your help and suggestion in searching for the right Bridesmaid Dresses style for you and other girls, don’t make her confused with your lack of knowledge or even complicated requests. Your presence and role is to ease, motivate, and assist the bride; not to give her more troubles!  

Selecting dresses for wedding occasions is commonly an early step to do in the wedding planning list; as bridesmaid you still have long list to think about since you’ll be participate at every bridal event. To ensure the wedding preparation runs smoothly since the beginning, you can suggest the bride reliable online bridal shop in New Zealand such as Pickweddingdresses where at one place you can find well-made and well-designed wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses at best prices. Their attire collection offered at up to 80% of the retail prices. Wow. That’s we call amazing discounts! Frugal brides like you shouldn’t miss this saving opportunity.

If you want to be able to give the right opinion to the bride when choosing the proper bridesmaid attire, take a look into some etiquette below.

A-line Floor-length Chiffon Pleats V-neck Bridesmaid Dresses 

"The same color, different dresses"

-Since the real users of would-be chosen dresses are the girls, a bride should not decide the dress style and color by herself. Maids can give more input to a bride or even discuss each other to decide their preference. A bride can take other ways to know the girls’ wants; the point is, the dress choosing should be a collective decision.  

-Finance could be a sensitive issue for the maids. In fact, commonly, the girls should compensate their own attire includes the whole accessories. Therefore it doesn’t need to select expensive dresses. In this case, Pickweddingdresses can be the right solution as they have wonderful collection that each offered below $100.  Moreover, every made-to-order dress at this bridal store is available in 20 different colors and various sizes. 
If needed, a bride can also help any maid with financial problem by paying for half of the total cost or else way.

-Whatever the wedding theme, the dress designs and styles of bridesmaid’s attire should harmonize one another.  

Empire Floor-length Chiffon Flower(s) Sweetheart Bridesmaid Dresses

"The same color, different dresses"

-The trendiest mix match bridesmaid attire could be: the same color different dresses; the same dresses different colors; or the shades of the same color, different dresses. What will you choose, girl?

For your dress design ideas, I feature here my favorite affordable choices of bridesmaid dresses that offered below $100. Have a fun shopping!

Plus Size Prom Dresses

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