Oct 28, 2015

Six Things to Consider when Decorating a Small Bathroom

Small bathrooms are extremely tricky to decorate. First of all, there is a problem of confined space in so much as there is no room for functional items a bathroom should consist of. Secondly, these functional items should have its decorative function, as well. Aesthetics should not be underestimated in any room in the house. Finally, you want a bathroom to reflect who you are, you want it to be personalized.

Even though there are so many things you should bear in mind while decorating a small bathroom, you should stay calm and assess the situation. Draw a plan on the piece of paper in order to help you get a clearer picture of what works and what does not work.

The colour paletteSix things to consider when decorating a small bathroom by cassbrothers.com.au
Bright walls make the room larger. It does not necessarily mean that you should limit your ideas to a white colour only. You can experiment with darker ones, as well.

For example, paint the walls in a bright and neutral colour, while leaving one accent wall to be in a bold, dark one. The contrast makes a space larger. On the other hand, painting the ceiling in a dark shade and extending it down the wall for about 35 cm is another great idea.

Add one black object in the bathroom. It helps the eyes clarify other colours in the room.

Natural light
Make use of as much natural light as you can. If you have windows, do not cover them with shutters, or curtains. Instead, use a translucent window shade, or install a stained glass window in order to have both privacy and natural light. Windowless bathrooms can benefit from a skylight.

Lighting fixtures
Especially if you have a windowless bathroom, you should make sure you have a plenty of lighting fixtures. For task lighting, choose vertical lighting fixtures, wall lamps, or scones on both sides of the mirror. You can place a wall lamp, or a scone directly to the mirror, but it is a more expensive option.
When it comes to a shower, if you have a clear glass door, you do no need a lighting fixture. Otherwise, install a recessed light with a glass lens.

A surface-mounted lighting fixture in the centre of the ceiling, such as a pendant, or a chandelier is also necessary to provide the indirect light instead of natural light. Cove lighting is another possibility.Six things to consider when decorating a small bathroom by cassbrothers.com.au
A small recessed spotlight, which can be angled is a good option to highlight a piece of art, tiles, a wallpaper, or any other decorative item.

Mirrors reflect the light and they make a room look bigger. Choose the mirror as big as possible. You can also place a mirror across from the window in the other room to increase reflection. Another option is to place two mirrors in the bathroom across each other. Or, open up your bathroom by hanging mirrors high up on the wall.

Storage space
Any clattered bathroom looks tiny. Get creative with storage solutions. If you do not have enough room for cabinets, install shelves on the walls. Place wicker baskets on the shelves so that you can organize the items better. Hanging wicker baskets themselves adds polish to the bathroom. Hang a rack on the door to save on space. Use the room under your sink by placing baskets in the vanity. Spice racks can fit in narrow spaces, so use them in a bathroom, too.

The bathrooms with storage space problems require an above counter basin. If you opt for this type of a basin, you get a vanity and a sink in one item. They are versatile as they come in all shapes and sizes. This is the item you can customize easily to suit your personal needs.

In order to decorate a small bathroom, you do not need to shell out a lot of money. All you need is a little bit of will and creativity.

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