Aug 17, 2016

Proven Ways for Using Instagram As Your Travel Guide

Instagram, the popular photo sharing platform can also serve as your travel guide. If you have never tried it before, start making the use of its advantages as your guide. Here are some of the effective ways by which you can use Instagram as your travel guide.

Obtain The Picture Of Daily Life:  You can really get a glimpse of any city of the world through Instagram at any point of time. You can easily watch what dresses the people are wearing or what kind of weather is prevailing. If any big events are being organized in a city, what the people of the town are saying about those upcoming events.
Hashtag Research: You can search those names of places you want to visit with hash tags in the Instagram. You can try the names of the towns or the cities to narrow down your search process. For example you can use #ExploreChicago or #LifeInChicago and if you find pictures you can easily follow them before your trip. If you do not want them after your trip, you can unfollow them anytime.

Create A List:  If you see something interesting, you can simply take a screenshot and add a note with it and then email it to yourself. The Evernote app can also help in storing information with pictures like this.

Official Accounts:  You can follow the official city accounts which can provide you with the useful information. The official accounts are generally run by the bureau of the visitors and are informative. You can therefore use those accounts as your travel guide. What are the places to be visited and what are the activities to be done in the particular place can easily be spotted through the official accounts. When you are visiting new places, make sure you are using the hash tags in the posts so that you may gain a huge number of Instagram followers.

Locate In Map: After your visit to some new places, you may have taken enough good pictures. Now, you can easily locate the place through the photo map. You can select the option in Instagram ‘Add to my photo map’ and can explore maps of various people to watch what they have discovered.

Explore And Explore:  Keep on exploring by clicking on the geotags where you can obtain more pictures from the same spot. Geo tags can only appear on Instagram when the user selects the location while posting the photos.

Instameets :  Through Instameets, you can discover and follow various people from different places. In the informal meetings, you can participate while exploring different spots by taking videos and pictures together. But if you cannot manage time for the meet ups, you can plan up for some local events. You will find many people coming up with their pictures, maps and the hash tags.

Unique Hash Tag :  When you are creating unique hash tag , you can be sure that it will remain forever. At any point of time, you can look back at the photos and those special hash tags might help in your planning for the next trip.

Return :  When you are using Instagram as your guide, you can also help others by doing the same thing that was useful to you. When you are posting your travel photo, make sure you are adding geo tag and the hash tag properly.

Though Instagram can appear as an unexpected mechanism for planning your holidays, you can easily use them to connect with various travelers from the world. You can also obtain useful travel information that can help you in your upcoming trip.

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sm August 24, 2016  

yes we can use instagram as travel guide also must check official sites accounts.

Admin August 27, 2016  
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