Aug 3, 2016

Solar Energy Equipment: How to Get the Most Out Of Yours

One of the countries that can make the most of solar energy is the Philippines. But because solar panels are a great investment, those who decide to use solar panels to power their home should know how to make sure they are getting most out of their PV systems.

Why do people choose solar?

People choose to invest in solar power because of the need and desire to stop consuming electricity from the national grid, and of course, the free electricity. Solar panels are practically maintenance free since there are no moving parts. It is a good idea to clean them every few months to make sure that they’re able to take as much sunlight as they can get, since dust and whatnot might be collected on the surface and reflected; it can be absorbing.

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Since the conversion of sunlight to electricity doesn’t burn anything, no pollutants are released into the environment, unlike gas plants that release carbon into the atmosphere, or nuclear plants that release toxic waste into the water or ground. Going solar is a step in the right direction we all are scrambling to reduce greenhouse gases and somehow stop global warming.

What can you do?

You have to look at how you use your electricity, or more specifically, when you use your electronics. For example, you should use the washing machine or dishwasher in the day when the sun is shining rather than at night, when your house is again connected to the national grid.

Another thing is to compute how much electricity your PV system is generating, then compute how much your electronics are consuming, then use those electronics according to how much your PV system can handle. If for example your system generates 1kW, and your fridge consumes 100W, then you have 900W left for your other appliances. This also means that you have to take note of how much electricity your devices use, such as your laptop, your TVs, hairdryer, etc). You should also install something that can show how much electricity your PV system is generating at that exact moment, so that you know what appliances you can use at that time.

Take a look at all the plugged in devices and unplug any that use electricity even when asleep. These devices still consume electricity while they’re on standby, so if you’re running on solar energy during the day, unplug those devices when you’re not using them. Or use appliances that have timers, and replace those devices that consume more energy with more energy efficient ones. Making sure that not everything is running at the same time might take some time to get used to, but it will help you keep your electricity consumption within the range that your PV system is generating, and can help you lower your consumption.

You can also take into consideration storing the energy you generate if you have no intention of selling it to prepare for energy shortages. But you can also consider selling the excess energy you’re generating.

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