Jul 12, 2017

Best Practices for Airbrush Tanning

It isn’t uncommon for people to always be looking for the next best thing. The same is true for all types of beauty products that promise to accomplish the impossible. When it comes to self-tanning, many people have avoided trying new products because of the age-old issues with unnatural colors and streaks after applying. Even though some of the newest self-tanners you buy come in different forms to make application easier, it is nearly impossible to apply by yourself and get even coverage. Even those that spray-on are impossible to apply evenly. Tamar Vezirian of Gotham Glow assures clients that they are in good hands with their airbrush tanning services and that they have no risk of turning orange or getting streaks.

Some of the first spray-on tans were delivered by machine. Many tanning salons still take this approach today. The person who wants a tan goes into a booth with a machine that sprays them first on the front or back and then on the other. The problem with this type of airbrush tanning is that it is still a one-size-fits-all solution that just doesn’t work for anyone. There is no real control over the application process so that the person gets the right coverage for them.

How Airbrush Tanning Technicians Offer a Better Option

There are multiple factors that go into getting the perfect airbrush tan, starting with the application technique. Machines deliver the same tan time after time. Technicians, on the other hand, are trained to understand how to add darker or lighter tones to areas to create interest. This method of contouring with color can diminish undesirable features or create depth where there isn’t any. It can also result in highlights to emphasize cheekbones or create muscle tone where there is actually very little.

90% Preparation

Knowing what to do to your skin, and what not to do, will play a big role in how the tanning solution works on your skin. For example, we all know that it is important to exfoliate to get rid of dry skin before applying self-tanner. What you may not realize is that a lot of exfoliators also contain oil. When they are used on the skin, they leave greasy spots behind where the oil is not absorbed. As a result, the airbrush tanning solution is not absorbed by the skin in these areas and the tan will turn out splotchy.

Plan Ahead

The best way to get the best tan is to plan ahead. Talk to the salon where you will be going to learn what you need to do to prepare for your appointment. If you are getting tanned for a special occasion, you may want to have a pre-tanning session to make sure you find the best shade for your complexion. The more you understand about how airbrush tanning works before you go to your appointment, the better your results will be. Whether you want a simple blush or a more golden tan, taking the right approach is key to getting the tan you have in mind.

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