Jul 14, 2017


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Festivals and other occasions may come in a while and you cannot always fill your wardrobe with only gorgeous dresses. That lets you with no dress to wear for casual days. Indian women who are always busy doing household works will not be comfortable with a saree or other glamorous dresses. The only outfit that gives you a lot of serenity and comfortability is casual salwar suit. These dresses are found most commonly with every woman and sometimes they are even preferred over heavy dresses because of the flexibility they provide when you wear them.

Casual salwar suits can be worn even for office and casual outings with family or friends. When you are under pressure and have a hectic day at the office, your physical comfortability is most required. Casual salwar kameez is the best choice for your busy days as they don’t need your special attention at all. Indian salwar kameez is already the comfortable outfit. The same dresses, when made with no heavy works like embroidery works or bead works and all the designs that are made to them, is just colourful prints. Light fabrics like cotton, chiffon and georgette are used to make casual salwar suits.
Indian salwar kameez

Check for these convenient dresses list which gives a decent and simple look along with serenity. They are also not very costly and you can buy many of them at once. There are many kinds of them as mentioned below which give a totally different appeal from each of them.

Batik Salwar Suit

Batik is one of the popular fabric designs used since ages.A special tool canting is used to make designs of dots or lines over the cloth by a technique called wax resist dyeing. The technique used creates beautiful simple designs by dying with vibrant colours. Batik salwar designs are popular in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and now the simplicity of this outfit has even spread to western countries. The fabric is made to look impressive by only with colours and not with any other external design works and hence it will be light and simple to wear and also maintain.

Crepe Salwar Kameez

Crepe is a very light weight fabric which is usually used to make heavy salwar suits like Anarkali salwar suits. Though it is lighter compared to other kinds of fabrics, it is tightly woven to not to be a see through material. Crepe salwar kameez is the most chosen dress by Indian women who are working at offices as they are nevertheless in giving gorgeous looks along with serenity you require. The whole dress meaning kameez, salwar and dupatta can be made with the same material.
anarkali salwar suits
Dotted Cotton Salwar Suits

Dotted designs are the most humblest ones which look sober for any women and the is the design made with minimal effort but polka dotted clothes have never gone out of trend from many years. Many traditional old women even today go for sarees with dotted prints. The size of these dots may vary from being small like a pin dot to big like a bangle. Cotton, on the other hand, is a smooth fabric which is loved by women who seeks serenity all the time. Even rings can be drawn over the cotton dresses to give a common but elegant look.

Punjabi Salwar Kameez

It is also known as Patiala salwar kameez and it is known for its trendy look along with the ease of wearing and tranquillity it offers. Both men and women in Punjab wear the same kinds of pants which are stitched with pleats and folding which give a bulky and voluminous look. Having more space for air circulation, the dress is considered as the most finest for any kind of season and occasion.

Chicken Salwar Design

Chicken design work is a type of embroidery works where the craft work is done using light threads like muslin with different colours. Though the design work looks rich and patterns that are woven appear gorgeous compared to other embellished design works. When you want to wear chicken salwar kameez for casual events, you can choose the one which has no other design works like bead or stone works but only the thin and soft thread work.

Long Casual Salwar Suit

For married women a long salwar suit made of cotton or georgette is perfect. But nowadays as breaking the rule has become a trend in fashion, all the young and chic women are wearing this long casual kurta upon leggings or slim fit pants to roam around. It doesn’t need much accessories and keeps you comfortable throughout the day in any weather condition. Associating a long kameez with flat sandals is advised as you get a beautiful appearance through it.

Parallel Salwar Kameez

Parallel pants unlike slim fit salwar, will have a huge space between your legs and the cloth. It keeps you free and you will experience the most easiest travel ever if you are on Parallel salwar. You can even try Palazzo as they also have widened pants like Parallel salwar suits. Short kurta or top looks amazing and gives you a trendy look ever. Cotton kurta is the best to go with Parallel or Palazzo pants.

The meaning of comfortability varies from person to person when it comes to clothing and accessories. As some women may feel comfortable in loose pants and at the same time few of them may like to wear thin leggings all the time. Along with the material and design works, how you get your dress stitched also matters a lot. You must also focus on the neck designs, sleeve patterns and whether the dress fits you exactly or is loose or tight. All these things will together fetch you the serenity you were wanting.

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