Aug 26, 2017

Is Skin Care Safe During Pregnancy?


While pregnant, most of the women want to keep up with their fitness and care routines. No one wants to see themselves worsen from their appearances during the period of pregnancy, and it is good to nourish yourself as much as you want to. They can use face mask, foot massage , skin care, makeup at their own home.  Anything that will help Mom to relax, in turn, benefits the baby, helping mom feels glorious and relieves stress

But then there is this thing, bugging you every now and then; would it be good for the baby? You know that the little angel inside you is sensitive, and can get affected badly if you put something bad inside you. But many women still skip over the fact, that what you use on your skin can considerably harm your baby as well.

Should You Give Up On Skin Care As A Whole?
No, definitely not. It is your right to be able to take care of yourself, and nothing should stop that, especially when it isn’t harming you or your baby. You can maintain your glowing skin throughout pregnancy, and there would be nothing wrong with that, but it is just that you have to be a little bit more cautious about things than you normally would be.

It is just that there are some specific ingredients that have been discouraged by the experts for use during pregnancy, as they are known to have an adverse effect on your baby. Don’t worry, because even if you avoid all of these ingredients, you’ll still be left with a large range of skin care products you can choose from.

Avoiding these specific ingredients would only prove to be beneficial for you and the baby, and you’ll still be able to take care of yourself like always, without any difficulties!

Which Ingredients Should You Avoid?

There aren’t a lot of ingredients in skin care that will severely affect your baby because they are externally used and don’t come in direct contact with baby. But the following is the list of all the ingredients which you shouldn’t go for, and why.

·         Retinoids:
Retinoids are basically a kind of Vitamin A. This substance is mostly present in anti-aging moisturizers, acne treatments or pigment disorientation treatments. What is does, is increase the division of cells on the area where it is applied, thus preventing the breaking down of the skin collagen. Mainly cases of troubles during birth have come into view when Retinoids were taking in, including birth defects as well.

But don’t panic if you’ve been using a skin care products which has this ingredient. It hasn’t yet been discovered if using it externally has ever caused problems during pregnancy, but the doctors still suggest being careful and cautious. Do not go for any products having Retinoids in them.

·         Hydroxy Acids:
These are known to be present in all the products which deal in treating several skin conditions, such as acne, inflammation or redness. It can also be normally found in toners or cleansers which are in everyday use out there. BHAs and AHAs are two types of Hydroxy Acids.

Salicylic Acid is one of the most common BHA ingredients in skin care products, and it has been thoroughly studied in comparison to pregnancy. Studies have shown that the oral use of Salicylic Acid can cause severe defects and problems in the birth, and can complicate the process.

However, if used externally, a very little amount can actually penetrate through the skin. That is why it is considered to be safe if you use a small amount on your skin as a cleanser or a toner. A small amount would never harm, but it is definitely not advised to use this in a large amount, or orally, at all during pregnancy.

·         Soy:
This can turn out to be bad for you, only if you have Melasma, a condition when dark patches appear on the skin. It is something about the soy based creams and skin care products, which only darken the patches and make them worse.

So it is advised to stay away from soy based skin care products if you suffer from Melasma, or rather go for Active Soy. It is because the estrogenic compounds, which cause the trouble, are taken out of these.

If you don’t suffer from Melasma or any similar condition, soy-based products are safe to use.

What Ingredients Can You Go For?

·         Hair removers and minimizers:
Yes, don’t hold your breath. It is completely safe to use hair removers, or products that slow or minimize the growth of hair in between shaves. It would’ve been miserable if these would have been unsafe, considering it becomes almost a necessity when you can hardly reach parts of your body. 

You just should use all these products exactly as it has been suggested by the companies, and you wouldn’t mess up. However, if you experience any skin allergies from these products, you should stay away from them during pregnancy as well.

·         Sunscreens:
No one can stop you from hitting the beach, not even pregnancy Yes, sunscreens are completely okay to use during pregnancy. Even the ones which have ingredients that can penetrate through the skin are safe, but try to go for sunscreens which have titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in them.

These are just physical ingredients which won’t penetrate through your skin. You can always go for them if you want to be super cautious, although every kind of sunscreen is perfect for use. So go out and don’t hesitate to chill out some on a body pillow!

·         Makeup:
Yes, makeup is completely safe to use as well. You are just supposed to avoid the ingredients which have been listed up there, under the ones you should avoid. Apart from that, every kind of makeup is safe to use, and you can use it without any doubts and fears. You and your baby will remain perfectly fine!


It is true that only a small amount of skincare products have been proven to be harmful during pregnancy, so we can say that your skincare routine will mostly not be affected at all. You can stop stressing and lie down on pillow support neck because everything is going to be just fine!

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