Aug 29, 2017

To love and appreciate yourself when you was underestimated before

How to accept and love yourself? - the question is really not simple, but extremely important, because if a person does not learn to love themselves, to treat themself correctly, one can forget about happiness, about achieving success in life, about a sense of self-esteem and the ability to enjoy the life.

Who does not accept and do not love themself is doomed to suffer and be sad!At the beginning of the loving-yourself path you have to understand - what does true love to yourself mean! And I will give some advice on how to appreciate yourself unconditionally.
1.       Decide on who you are

Are you just a physical body, an organism - an improved descendant of the monkey?
Are you some kind of robot, an undetermined substance?
Or are you an Immortal Soul, bright and strong, with great potential, talents, excellent qualities and abilities?
If you are the Soul, then there is something in your personality and body to study, discover, what to respect yourself for! A whole universe in hiding in your personality and you have power to open it up for yourself and world!

2.       Tell yourself and admit it that you are beautiful, but not perfect, that you always have what to strive for!

It may sound weird, but millions of quotes, movies and songs will tell you the same – make mistakes! Don’t be afraid to do wrong, give yourself the right to make a mistake! Try, do something, wander, correct your mistakes and you will achieve everything! Life is a great lesson, and the world is a great school for every person.

Begin to forgive yourself. Forgive yourself for having chosen person who underestimated you. Get rid of self-deprecation and feeling of guilt - these negative emotions and habits carry only the constant overthinking and destruction of the soul.

3.       Begin to do the most useful thing you can do for yourself - development of your soul and body! This will be your most powerful manifestation of self-love.

Improve your soul - continuously grow as a person: go to the development of the individual courses or training, read a good spiritual literature, carry out practical exercises, master the self-control and stress-relief technique (self-hypnosis, meditation, etc.), communicate with those who inspire you. Be curious about the world. More Information and facts will feed your brain and expand your knowledge horizons.
You can turn thepower of the underestimation into a motivational instrument to change yourself!
Train your body - regularly engage in any useful sport or physical activity. Make your body energetic, strong, beautiful and flexible.
Self-development is the way to show yourself you care about your body and mental health

4.       Build respect for yourself and a sense of your dignity!
How to do it? Start to keep a diary "My Dignity" or "I respect myself for..." Be sure to study your talents and skills as well as your inner potential.
Write a list of questions and answer them sincerely and honestly:
·         Write a minimum of 30-50 answers - for what do you appreciate yourself, respect?
·         Write down - why are you liked and loved by other people? Ask them and put their answers in the journal.
·         Note a list of your achievements and significant victories in your life.
·         Describe important barriers, problems you have managed to solve and overcome in life.
Once you perform these exercises, you will almost immediately begin to treat yourself differently and love life.

5.       Treat yourself as your best friend - take care of yourself, both in a spiritual and in a material way. Do not skimp on yourself, do not settle for less, do not stop yourself. Strive to achieve more and never give up.
·         If you can afford more expensive and convenient clothes - buy them and wear!
·         If you can afford a more comfortable accommodation - be sure to get it!
·         If you can drive by car, instead of using public transport - do this!

Melissa Cartew is psychology fan and freelance writer. Her motivation and thirst for lifeinspire people. Melissa loves writing and expressing her mind in the texts. She keeps a journal to examine her personal development and take control of thoughts and emotions. Bad weather doesn’t ever make this woman blue but brings her cozy and romantic mood.  

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