Mar 8, 2018

Is it Safe to Take Biotin for Hair While Pregnant

During pregnancy, you are extra careful about the things that you put into your body. You may cut back on caffeine, or not even consume any at all. There are even some supplements and medications that may not be safe for pregnant or nursing moms. While everyone always compliments pregnant women on their glow, it may not be the same for their hair.

There are so many benefits that come along with taking biotin, or eating foods that contain biotin. One of the biggest benefits is hair health and combating hair loss. So, is it safe to take biotin for hair while pregnant?

What is Biotin?

Biotin is actually a part of the B vitamins, which are very important during pregnancy. The B vitamins help the body to make energy from the food that you eat. It also helps the body to function properly, helping you to be overall healthy during your pregnancy. Often times during pregnancy, there is a deficiency of B vitamins, and eating biotin foods or taking biotin supplements can really help to supplement any that your body may be lacking.

The Role of Biotin in Pregnancy

Sure, biotin is great when it comes to the growth and development of your growing baby, but it can also help your hair to grow faster, and give it more of a shine. There are so many biotin hair benefits. It not only helps when it comes to hair growth, but is also beneficial when it comes to your actual hair health. If you have brittle hair that tends to break often, then it may be a good time to introduce some biotin in your diet. It is also a good idea to take biotin for thinning hair during pregnancy, as sometimes the hair tends to change during pregnancy (and not always for the better).

Problems Associated with Biotin Deficiency

Not only can biotin be great for your hair and overall health, there are some drawbacks that come with not getting enough biotin regularly. Here are some of the most common problems that arise with biotin deficiency:

     nerve problems
     brittle nails
     brittle hair
     lack of appetite

As you can see, biotin is very important – especially for pregnant women. Your baby tends to take a lot of your nutrients, and it can really be seen in your appearance, and especially in your hair.

How Much Biotin Should You Take?

To get adequate results, it is important to consume at least 30mcg of biotin each day. This is more than the regular amount of biotin needed, but during pregnancy your body tends to break down and use the biotin faster than it does with someone who isn’t pregnant. This means you need just a little bit more.

Biotin Supplements vs Natural Sources
While there are a lot of different biotin supplements out there, a lot of people prefer to get it naturally from the foods that they eat. Here are some of the best ways to get biotin naturally.

#1 – Eat a lot of nuts and grains. Foods that are whole grains or nuts are rich in biotin, and make a great snack.

#2 – Eat more eggs and dairy. Eggs are really high in biotin as well, and dairy products can also have high levels. These are usually things that are easy to add into your diet.

#3 – Eat meats and fish. Meats, especially organ meat, and certain types of fish are really high in biotin. Just remember, some types of fish have higher levels. Salmon is really a great choice.


The Bottom Line

While biotin and hair health go hand in hand, you can see there are so many other benefits as well. If you are not getting enough biotin in your diet, then try to eat more of the foods that we discussed that contain biotin. You may also consider taking a supplement, but be sure that you don’t overdo it. A lot of people get the right amount they need from food, and you don’t want to overdo it. Always talk to your doctor before adding supplements into your daily routine, especially during pregnancy.

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