Mar 9, 2018

Top Reasons Why Hair Extensions are Worth Investing In

Hair extensions have gotten a reputation for being high-maintenance, damaging, and an extravagance best left to people who frequent the red carpet. But that's not actually the situation, particularly when we're discussing tape-in locks extensions. With regards to getting great size, volume, and maintaining your real locks healthy, they're the best! Tape-in locks extensions are something I am using for a long time and I would recommend them completely.

Tape-In Hair Extensions Don’t Look Fake

Tape-in extensions really do look like your natural head of hair. The bonds lie completely smooth against the head and are so comfortable, I often forget about them completely - that is, until I catch a glimpse of my long, solid ponytail in the mirror (yup, you can even wear a ponytail). But keep in mind that not all hair is created equivalent. Matching hair density, texture, thickness, and color is critical to pulling off a seamless look. When shopping for a new head of hair, look for 100 percent human hair, either European virgin or Remy strands. In technical terms, this means that the hair cuticle is in tact and facing in the same direction. What that means to you is that you can style, dry, and iron the extensions just as you would your natural hair without fear of excessive tangles and matting.

Putting Them in and Taking Them Out Isn't Too Time-Consuming

Seriously. It takes an hour and half tops, no longer than a head of highlights. And that is for a complete mind. The extension locks is bonded to inch-long very sticky whitening strips. The stylist peels from the cover (as being a sticker), disclosing the adhesive, and sandwiches small parts of natural locks between two of the strips. It noises easy enough for DIY, however the placement is crucial to the entire look, so leave it to a tuned stylist.

Long and thick hair has always been easy for style and fashion. However, it usually takes a long time to grow. Plus many required care and maintenance, this process is actually a challenge for girls. To solve these problems, clip-in hair extensions must be the best option. It can help you get the length, texture and color of hair that you have always dreamed of. And the best part is that you can realize these almost instantly. If you are planning to get hair extensions for yourself as well, why not try Victoria Hair Extensions. With mainly reasons, our clips-in human hair extensions will never let you regret.

Here are our top reasons why hair extensions are worth investing in! 


Have you ever asked yourself: “Why won’t my locks grow history a certain point?” We totally understand the stress of having locks that just won’t appear to grow previous a certain size, no matter how patient, mild, and nurturing you are to it. If this appears like a concern you’re experiencing, then locks extensions could be the perfect solution. That long locks you’ve been dreaming of and working towards can easily be achieved in a matter of minutes, we promise. It sounds too simple and easy, right? ’Take a look at how its done - we’re not kidding!

They are easy to maintain

Clip in extensions are not designed to wear all the time. In fact you absolutely should not wear them all the time. And because you’re only wearing them occasionally, they’ll only need washing occasionally.

Remove your extensions before washing them and be sure you use a sulphate free shampoo. Read inside our blog below, what we should are suggesting for locks extensions aftercare.

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