Nov 4, 2019

Women’s Suits and The Essential Choices Here

Make no mistake, women's suits are the perfect choice for working women because they have the power to make us look more professional. There are several types of women's suits, with blazer and pants, with blazer and skirt, blazer and dress and even with shorts. Most department stores and retailers have these types of costumes for women. However, these pieces depend on a good fit in the body, because the right fit determines the femininity of the suit. Check out with us some tips that can help in the purchase of women's pantsuit. In case of suits for women this is a very important part that you play.
First you should measure around the widest part of your bust using a fabric tape measure

The tape measure should be placed over your skin and should be comfortable, make sure you have not tightened too much. Wrap the tape on the bust, under the armpits, past the back until the end of the tape meets the tape measure again. You should note this measurement as it will be your bust measurement.

Stand straight to measure around your waist, especially about your belly button level

Again, make sure the tape measure is comfortable, not too tight. Write down what your waist measurement will be.Stand upright so you can measure around the widest part of your hips, which will normally be about 8 inches below your waist. Follow the same recommendations as above for measuring directly on the skin and without tightening the tape. This will be your hip measurement.

Just by label size information we can't find the perfect fit

You can now use your measurements to find out the right size of your pantsuit. Some parts also offer accurate measurements as well as classic size reporting (such as 38, 40, 42). Classic sizes may vary from store to store, so knowing your measurements makes it easy to buy, even at an online store.

You can try different styles of outfits available in stores to decide what suits you best

There are several options such as one or many button blazer, shorter or shorter, with or without pocket. Try it so you can see what fits your best and makes you more comfortable. Pants may be more comfortable, but they should not be too tight. Skirts and dresses can look more feminine.

When experimenting, check primarily the fit of the blazer

It should fit perfectly on your shoulders and close comfortably on your waist. The blazer sleeves should stop at the wrist and not over the hands. Try to walk wearing the blazer and also bend your arms, sit or move as you normally do to feel if it is comfortable.

The blazer is a piece that can be purchased individually and combined with other pieces later. If your firm offers days where employees can dress more informally, combine a light or colorful blazer with jeans or combine a dark blazer with discreet or colorful skirts.

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