Dec 27, 2019

5 Tips for Finding the Perfect Engagement Ring

The moment when you propose to your partner should be a magical moment forever embedded in your mind. When you think back to how you started that exciting new chapter in your lives, it will have started with the proposal. But to make the occasion special, you need to buy the right kind of engagement ring. So, before you start practising going down on one knee, here are some points to consider before you go venturing out shopping for engagement rings.
Your Partner’s Preferred Style

If you’re preparing to propose to your partner, then you’ve probably have had enough time to get an idea of what kind of styles they like. Do they prefer contemporary styles? Do they get nostalgic when they lay eyes on a vintage or antique ring? Remember, nothing kills a romantic gesture than a present your partner has no emotional connection to.

Do Your Research

If you’re going to buy a diamond ring, do some background research on the 4 Cs: Cut, clarity, colour and carat. These will give you a solid idea of the price you’ll need to pay as well as an assurance of quality. A good quality ring to be on the lookout for would be those with vvs diamonds, a diverse range with each one promising sophistication and style.

Set a Strict Budget

If this is your first time buying an engagement ring, you may be in for a surprise when you look at the rings out there and realise how much happiness can cost. Have a look online and compare the rings you’d like with the prices you can afford. Once you’ve got a good financial scope, arrange a budget and try to stick to it. You can probably afford to go over or under a little bit, but anything too over should be out of the question.

Plan Your Shopping Trip Accordingly

For obvious reasons, this is a trip you’ll need to take by yourself. Once you’ve decided on which ring you’re going to buy, cross-check with stores that will likely stock the ring. Give yourself enough time to plan everything, but do not decide to shop during holidays like Christmas or Valentine’s Day. While this will give you some good cover, you’re going to find yourself competing with many other aspiring fiancees for rings and you may find your ideal ring destined for someone else’s finger.

Consult with Friends and Family

If you’re still not sure what engagement ring you should be buying, consult with your partner’s friends and family who can give you a few tips. Of course, you’ll have to make sure who you consult is not going to risk spilling the beans and spoiling the surprise. If possible, get them to accompany you on the shopping trip. That way, you will leave very little room for doubt and won’t spend days leading up to the proposal second-guessing your decision.

Now, when you prepare for the most meaningful treasure hunt you’ll ever undertake, you’ll have a better idea as to how to find that perfect match for the perfect partner.

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