Sep 14, 2020

How Can An Evaluator Help Facilitate Child Custody & Support?

Dealing with the divorce is not an easy task and could be quite traumatic for an individual to cope with, and when children are involved, the whole expectation of how the custody of the children will be handled is the essential part to deal with. Well, the situation could not be the same as you thought, and things may not fall into the places. Sometimes, it also happens that agreement may not work out between the spouses, of course, you need to consult a family law attorney Los Angeles or child custody attorney Los Angeles and an attorney may advise you to consider child custody evaluation. Well, it is really important for you to know how an evaluator can help facilitate child custody & support?

Here are some things to know about evaluation and how can an evaluator help facilitate child custody & support?

How to choose an evaluator?

A jury may help you by assigning an evaluator or you can choose from the several evaluators suggested from the court. However, still, the agreement of getting the same evaluator is important. And if both parties are not able to agree on the same person conducting an evaluation, it is better to go for a private evaluator or choose two different ones to make things work out.  And also make sure if your child has some special needs and your evaluator is skilled and experienced enough to work on that.

How does the process take place?

Once the decision is made to go for the evaluation there are several things you must expect to take place. Well, this is quite obvious that you and your spouse will be interviewed, and not only that your child may also be interviewed. Well, the evaluator needs to know the nature of the parents and children and so will take some time to observe you and your spouse and will also note down the details of your interaction with your children. Evaluators also review the file of your case and collect all the information that is required to deal with the case, not only that, he/she will also consult the children's doctor in order to collect all the information that necessitates reading the case and creating the report.

What information does the report involve?

Once the evaluation is completed the court and parents receive a copy of the findings in the report.  The report consists of the detailings done by the evaluators, thoughts on custody, visitation, and time-sharing. In some cases they may also recommend therapy entirely depending upon the situation.  if an evaluator notices any substance abuse, depression, misbehavior they may recommend you how to deal with that as well.

With keen observation, experience, and great efforts they recommend the ideal custody where everybody is involved.


As the report is received now it's the parent's duty to discuss the findings with their respective family law attorney Los Angeles. And if any parent does not feel satisfied with the evaluation report and request for the second evaluation. And if both the parents find the report satisfactory and agree on the findings can of course go with the recommendation done by the evaluator. To go for this both the parents need to agree on the custody terms, report, and the recommendations done by the evaluator, however taking a piece of valuable advice from an attorney before making a final decision will help you a lot to get through the whole decision-making process.  Well, it is true that things will not be that easy but you need to make wise decisions in order to get a peaceful divorce.  I wish you all the luck that prevails!

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