Sep 22, 2020

How to Organise Your Linen Cupboard

Everybody desires a linen cupboard worthy of featuring in a home design magazine. However, most of these spaces are filled with clutter, such as old clothes and dirty laundry. The good thing is that you can make your cupboard tidy and organised with a little creativity and resourcefulness.

Here are a few steps you can use to organise your linen cupboard.

Remove Non-essential Linen

Most people store what they don’t use in their linen cupboards. If you want to keep the closet organised, start by removing everything in there. Sort out your linens and only put back what you love and use. Consider donating the rest of the items. Organisation is much easier when the cupboard is not crowded.

Pair Similar Items

Ideally, the items you regularly use, such as sheets and towels, should be at the centre shelf of your linen cupboard. This enables easy access. Other items such as pillowcases, old towels, and discarded items can be stored in lower or higher shelves because you don’t use them often.

Use Boxes and Basket to Separate Linen

If you have different types and sizes of linen, it would be best to designate storage zones for each kind. For instance, you can place towels in a basket and your sheets in a box. If you want your linen cupboard to maintain its aesthetic appeal, use coordinating boxes because they appear clean and uniform.  

For items that can’t fit in boxes or baskets, you need to be innovative. For example, you can use duvet bags to store comforters and pillows that are not in use.

Label Everything

Another way of keeping your linen cupboard organised is by dividing it into sections and labelling them accordingly. It is advisable to assess different styles and how the stuff will fit before you stick the label on the closet.

Being able to distinguish the items in your cupboard makes it easier to find what you are looking for – both when you want to remove or add them.

Hang Clothes

Putting a rack inside your cupboard is a perfect way to expand it. Hanging your stuff not only makes them easier to see, but it also keeps them rust-free and prevents the formation of wrinkles. Even if you have a party to attend, you can wear such outfits without concerns.

Keep Track of What’s Inside

Nothing is as disappointing as looking for an item in a cupboard and falling to find it. The best solution to this challenge is keeping track of what your closet contains. You can do this using your phone or by sticking a makeshift organiser at the cupboard’s door.

Wash Everything

Washing your clothes and linen before you store them is vital. By doing that, you are always sure of picking a clean item when you need to make your room or give a fresh towel supply to the guest.

If you have the time, consider ironing your outfits and folding them so that they stay wrinkle-free when stored.


An organised linen cupboard increases the aesthetic appeal of a home. More importantly, it allows you to access your stuff faster.

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