Jun 11, 2021

How to live green on a budget

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Many people think going green means spending a load of money. Unfortunately, this misconception made a lot of people give up on their dream of eco-friendly life. Sure, using solar panels, driving a hybrid, and having an energy-efficient house are all great for the environment, but not everybody can afford all these. Luckily, you can change a bunch of little things in your daily life that can make your life greener. As a plus, you'll probably end up saving some money instead of spending more of it. So, read the following article to find out how to live green on a budget and save our friend - the Planet Earth!

There is no Planet B' written on a sign
Living an eco-friendly life doesn't have to be expensive - all those little things we do to save our Planet count as well!

Start visiting a local farmers' market instead of supermarkets  

If you decided to go green, the first thing you can do is start shopping at the local farmers' market. More often than not, organic products we can find at grocery stores are pretty expensive. That's why we opt for a cheaper version of the same products. However, you can find even fresher fruit and vegetables at the local farmers' market for a lower price. As a plus, you get to support small local businesses that use more eco-friendly ways of production. So, if you want to live green on a budget, this is a great start! 

Turn your backyard into a garden 

If you have a backyard, you can start your own garden. This is one more way to get fresh produce every day. In addition, growing your own produce means you're in control of everything, so you can avoid using pesticides and chemicals. You can go green all the way! If you're a beginner, start with planting simple things such as lettuce or peppers. You can even ask around at farmers' markets for some expert advice from local farmers. All things considered, gardening is an excellent idea for green and healthy living and possibly a new fun hobby. 

Bonus tip: if you don't have a backyard, you can always make a little herb garden for your balcony. All you need is a few pots and a lot of natural light. Easy, right? 

Shopping at farmers' market - a great way to live green on a budget
Shopping at a local farmers' market is a great idea for a green and healthy life

Use green storage solutions for your house

Leading an environmentally responsible life also means organizing your home in an eco-friendly manner. And when it comes to home (re)organization, finding storage space is usually the biggest problem. Well, we have a green solution for you that won't cost you a thing - leftover moving boxes! These boxes can be reused or repurposed in many ways, and they make a great storage space. You can put literally anything in them - books, seasonal clothes, additional bed sheets, toys, etc. So, if you asked yourself what to do with leftover moving boxes after relocation, this is your answer. Pick as many as you need and put away everything you don't use at the moment.  

If you want a nicer-looking storage solution for your green home, you can go with seagrass baskets. These baskets are created in a sustainable fashion since seagrass is a natural and biodegradable material. Therefore, this is another great storage solution you can choose. What is more, seagrass baskets are gorgeous and very decorative! 

Think green even during your move

Nowadays, people move a lot for work. If you think about it, relocation is not the greenest thing in the world. However, you can do a few things to make it a little bit more environmentally friendly. Here are a few things you can change while staying within the budget:

  • Use bins made of recycled plastic
  • Choose green bubble wrap
  • De-clutter in an eco-friendly manner - recycle
  • Donate the stuff that you don't need but can't recycle 
  • Hire an eco-friendly moving company 

As you can see, these are very simple steps you can take to move green and stay within your budget. Additionally, you can ask the moving team from strongassmovers.com for some extra tips&tricks about eco-friendly relocation.

Drive less, walk, and cycle more!

Everybody knows fuel is one of the most harmful things for our environment. That's why you have to consider driving less. It would be best if you walked or cycled more. Not only will you be doing our Planet a favor, but you will also be more active. This can even become a healthy hobby for the new you healthy hobby for the new you - the greener you! If you live in a big city, you should consider selling your car and using public transportation for longer commutes. Even though they both produce harmful emissions, it's better to choose just one than to use both.

People cycling
Cycling and walking are both eco-friendly and good for your he

Save energy and water

One of the easiest things you can do to lead a more eco-friendly lifestyle is to save water and energy at your home. Turn off the lights in the room you're not using, don't take a long time in the shower, try to wash the dishes faster. You can even plug out the appliances you don't use all the time. Your bills will be lower, so you'll save your money on top of everything! 

Are you ready to live green on a budget?

Deciding to live a green life to save our Planet is one of the noblest things anyone can do. As you can see, you don't have to spend a lot of money to do so. Instead, you can live green on a budget and even save some cash along the way. All these things we listed in this article may seem simple, but they are highly effective. After all, significant changes start with individuals and the little things we do. So, go green or go home!

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