Jul 2, 2021

Misconceptions of Vertigo

Every year almost 15 to 20 percent of people do experience dizziness and vertigo effects. As per studies, stats say that the count of vertigo problems in women is two to three times higher than in men. Vertigo problem commonly increases with age. 

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Vertigo is a symptom where a person experiences an imbalance that varies from mild spinning to intense one. The problem is noticed due to inner ear issues. However, it is not assured that the problem will be only due to inner ear issues.  But sometimes the vertigo symptom might be due to disorders of the brain or other symptoms in the body. If you’re also the one experiencing vertigo issues, you might be well aware of how dreadful the sensation of imbalance is.

Sometimes vertigo could be so dreadful that it affects daily activities too. It also could hamper once psychological and emotional stress. People will often lose their ability of multitasking. People also end up being anxious and depressed.

In today’s internet era, there is ample information available all over the internet. However, they are some misconceptions that are also found among people. Although dizziness is a commonly experienced symptom most of them are still unaware of vertigo. 

Read the infographic below to know more about the facts and misconceptions of Vertigo.

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