Jul 1, 2021

Women in Law: Creating a Culture of Diversity

Businesses are gradually understanding and valuing the importance of diversity in workforce management. The appeal for greater diversity has been heard a lot in politics, business, and the entertainment industry. However, these are not the only industries that are facing societal challenges. The legal profession also has to catch up in the play.


Legal offices have never been considered a place for diversity. White males dominate the profession, especially in management positions. Due to this discrimination, the industry has received a lot of attention among the masses and has been trolled on social media for the unfair process. Various initiatives have been taken to change the infrastructure and provide more and better opportunities to women and minority attorneys.

Is Initiating Gender Diversity at Law Offices Enough?

Although there has been immense progress in the legal industry, gender diversity has always been slower than other industries. In 2016, the legal industry showed a change by accepting more women lawyers. However, the number increased only by 1%. The issue is problematic at the top level, where only 20 percent of partners are females. This clearly shows biases against women in legal firms.

Many women attorneys face challenges during their internships. They have to bear with those to remain in their specialized legal field. Whether it is balancing decent family life and a professional career, competition for equity partnership, or better positions in law firms, women must undergo unique challenges and scrutiny.

Sometimes the hardship is so extreme that females are forced to leave their profession at the attorney level worldwide and later they’re tagged to be weak and incapable of the profession.

Even though female attorneys are more qualified than males, it is difficult to get a decent job at a Law office. Some female attorneys say, “ Even if you’re a woman, if you want to excel in your career, you will have to work hard, keep a sense of humor, not crush the bridge, and take advantage of opportunities. Learn new skills and excel in various areas to increase the chances of advancement.

Bridge the Gap in Legal Field for Women

The legal field has various opportunities for women as well. The domain can give lots of hope and set an example for diversity in society. Here are few tips that can help on bridging the gap-

Reduce Biases

Research shows that the recruitment process is tarnished by sexism, racism, and ageism. If the CEO of a law office is a man, the board members unconsciously hire more men than women. To avoid discrimination, the hiring team should build a strategy to include at least two women and minorities in any field. The job description should use gender-neutral language, and a blind recruitment policy should be taken into account.

Create Inclusive Culture

Creating an inclusive culture along with diversity should be the primary goal of a business. The leaders should develop a system where the employees feel safe while speaking in any environment within the office; they are heard, get opportunities to propose ideas, and open to feedback. The best way is, to begin with, a confidential employee survey where employees can speak their minds without being monitored by others. A no-tolerance policy for disrespectful behavior should be applied to all employees at any level.

Transparency with Employees

Building a healthy relationship with employees, male or female, can also help in inclusion and diversity. As a business owner or stakeholder, one can monitor the outcomes of different strategies used to maintain equality in offices. They can encourage conversations and ideas that help in a change in society. The motive should be to bring everyone together to create a healthy environment for every individual, irrespective of age, sex, caste, and gender. They should develop programs and provide opportunities to work together and develop a strong relationship.

Women come out with creative ways of doing things, wouldn’t it be great if men could also innovate and lessen the gender gaps in the legal industry?

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