Sep 3, 2021

5 Simple (But Important) Rules for Hanging Window Curtains


Summary: Curtains not only bring decorative elements to your room but also functionality. The right material, the right mounting, and the right length all play vital roles in the kind of look you want to achieve. 

Curtains are more than just accessories for your home decor. They help define the look of your home.


But they also offer a number of practicalities. The right length and proper mounting technique can deliver a perfect view, privacy, insulation, protection against UV rays, and other benefits.

When it comes to window curtains, customization is the key. Here are a few basic tips to consider when selecting curtains for your home. 

Tips for Selecting Curtains for Your Home

1. Consider the Lighting

Unless you are buying curtains for your bedroom, pick something that will let in light to create a natural breezy look. Sheer fabrics like Belgian linen are a good option. For bedrooms and other places where you want more privacy, go with heavy or blackout curtains. In such cases, a fabric like velvet is a good choice. Heavy window curtain materials also offer good insulation in colder climates.

2. Use Multiple Panels for Huge Windows

A window that reaches across the length of a wall is beautiful and makes the room look spacious. But putting up curtains can get difficult. 

Try to extend an ultra-wide curtain rod and hang multiple panels to create a soft repetitive effect. Make sure the panels cover the entire window so that when you pull the curtains, they cover the whole length.

3. Match Curtains to the Wall Colour

Matching the colour of the curtains to the wall will make them blend with your interiors. This creates a minimalistic look and your room will not appear crowded. You can mount the rod outside the window frame and higher than the window to make it appear bigger and let in more light.

4. Hide the Hardware

Unless you have bought curtain hardware specifically for showing it off, you should conceal your rods, tie-backs, and rings in your windows for a sleek, minimalistic, and modern look.

However, if you want a luxurious look and fuller coverage, you can use outside mounds for your hardware.

5. Use Curtains as Separators

You can use curtains to separate two spaces or two rooms or define an area like in a studio apartment. If you want to hide the view outside, you can also use the window curtain as a wall. Sheer curtains, meanwhile, hide the view but let light in.

There is much you can do with curtains – if you know how. They can easily manipulate the look of your room, making it appear bigger, higher, and more spacious. To get the best look with curtains within your budget, consult local curtain designers. They can also create customized curtains to get the effect you are looking for. 

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