Aug 25, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Might Need Custom Blinds


Many of us take pride in selecting our home decor. Be it the colour of our walls, or a tiny vase sitting in a corner, we love to handpick everything. Why should windows be any different?

There is nothing better than custom blinds for your windows if you want them to match your interiors. They offer great looks and amazing benefits. Here are a few reasons why custom blinds are the best window treatment choice.

Why Custom Blinds Are Better Than Standard Ones

There are many reasons why you might need custom blinds and not standard ones.

1. If You Are Short of Time

Getting blinds requires many decisions. There are measurements to take and the selection of styles, patterns, and colours. If you don’t have the time to dedicate to that, consult a blinds store. Their experts will visit your home and figure out the look you want; that includes picking the right material and design. They will also take measurements faster and more perfectly than you could and help pick suitable hardware. And when your custom blinds are ready, they will install them as well.

2. To Pick the Right Look

Not all blinds are the same. For example, roman blinds offer a more formal look; Venetian blinds look sleek; and vertical blinds are best suited to tall windows. 

But you may not be able to find the right look in prefabricated blinds. With custom ones, you don’t have to compromise, and can get the functionality you want in the material, colour, or texture you desire

3. For the Best Fit

Standard blinds may be smaller or bigger than your window. This can leave gaps between your blinds and window edges, rendering them less beneficial than they should be. Custom blinds are made to fit your windows perfectly. That means you get the perfect amount of light, privacy, and insulation, which can reduce your electricity bills.

4. For More Options

Standard blinds come in limited options. You will only get a handful of material, colour, and pattern choices, so you’ll have to compromise on your desired windows. Custom blinds come with a wider array of options, so no compromise is necessary.

5. For Better Quality and Workmanship

There is no telling about the quality of standard blinds, but with custom blinds, you get what you pay for, as you pick the quality and type of material. That means you can get UV-resistant material for blinds directly exposed to sun and waterproof material for areas with high moisture.

Custom blinds come with many benefits so are the best choice for your home window treatments. Contact a reliable blinds store near you to get custom blinds installed perfectly in no time.

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