Aug 5, 2021

Adding Pet Friendly Green Spaces

The ongoing global pandemic has forced majority of us to spend most of time inside home. Stay home longer, restricted activities and social distancing can lead to boredom, anxiety and stress –sooner or later. That’s why you need to make your home cozier and more enjoyable to live in. Adding best house plants to create green spaces is one of the best solutions to make comfy and pleasant homes for healthier and happier family members.

Living indoor plants will actually improve home’s air quality by performing as natural air filters, add a touch of soothing green hint and enhance person’s mood. Some people opt for fake plants and flowers that don’t require any maintenance. If you are one of those, Aoin is the right place to shop artificial decorative pot plants and flowers for beautifying your home (an example featured below). Meanwhile growing and taking care of house plants offers more values; those nature’s beauties become part of your home and you can see them with proud.  Anyway, I have a green thumb friend who always talks with plants every morning. She believes that good words help plants grow well.  

Artificial Mini Succulent & Cactus Plants

Modern Yellow Ceramic Hanging Planters with Twine Rope

Whatever the size of the house, you will never run out of ideas to add green space to your home. You can place some plants in terrace or balcony, install plants to fill empty corners, create a hanging garden from the ceiling using hanging planters such as featured above, add pot plants on your windowsills, display plants in a wooden shelf or make a vertical garden using wall mounted pots/wall planter bags.

For pet owners, adding green spaces needs more caution. Healthy and happy pets are also your concern since they are already considered as a part of family, right? Our furry friends can be a source of joy in life and great companions during current challenging times. Plants and pets are surely beneficial for improved mental health.  Sadly, lots of common decorative plants are poisonous for cats and dogs.  When swallowed, certain toxic plants such as aloe vera, lilies, philodendron and caladium might cause stomach ache, nauseous, dizzy, tremors, seizures or worse.

Best Insulated Energy Efficient Dog Door

Cat Scratching Post with Cat Interactive Toys

Let’s say that you love white lily flower and want to grow it indoor. Since most lilies are toxic for pets, you must place or hang the plant at high spots. Make sure your pets can’t reach it.  In fact, there are many other non poisonous house plants that you can choose. For your information, 11 non toxic plants stated by Animal Poison Control Center can be seen below. 

non toxic plants

Your four-legged friends will be happy if you give them proper pet toys that attract them to play with. Interactive toys like balls and Frisbee are fun for dogs as it allows both of you play together. Your cats will love if you provide a sturdy cat scratch post. They are given freedom to do the scratching habit whenever they want. It is good for cat’s health and for your furniture as well. Speaking of your pet’s independence, installing pet doors is a win-win solution. It permits dogs or cats to move in and out of home thus your life will be easier. Pets which are free to move around the house on their own are happy pets for sure.  

Pet friendly green spaces in homes lead to happier and healthier the whole family members while pets still safe and sound. We are sure to survive the pandemic. Stay positive, happy, safe and healthy!

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