Aug 21, 2021

5 Things to Know About Tooth Extraction

Summary: Even a simple dental procedure like tooth extraction can be scary if you are not mentally prepared for it. Knowing what to expect and how to deal with it will help you stay calm throughout the process and keep you alert if any issues arise.

Tooth extractions in Brampton are very common procedures. In fact, they are extremely common all over the world. And thanks to skilled dentists and modern technology, they hurt much less than the used to and your recovery is much faster. People telling you dos and don’ts about getting a tooth out and recounting painful stories can stress you out. Don’t let them. 

Here are some facts that will help you prepare for your tooth extraction and keep your mind at ease.

Facts About Tooth Extraction That Will Ease Your Mind

Being prepared for these types of dentistry services will help you mentally prepare and stay calm before, during, and after the extraction process. 

1. Blood Clots Are Okay

Blood clots are common after the extraction of a tooth. Indeed, they are part of the healing process. But don’t mess with the clots or it can complicate the wound. If necessary, your dentist will give you self-dissolving stitches that will disappear with healing

2. There Should Be No Pain During the Process

Before extracting the tooth, your dentist will numb the area so you will not feel any pain when your tooth is being extracted. You will be prescribed painkillers after the procedure, but once they start to wear off, you will feel a little discomfort that you can combat with over-the-counter pain pills. The pain and discomfort should pass. If they don’t, call your dentist. 

3. Healing Should Take About Two Weeks 

Initially, it will take a few days for the pain and discomfort to disappear. But complete healing will take two weeks. You might need to book a follow-up to make sure it is healing properly and that there are no complications. 

4. Brush Carefully and Eat Soft Food

You will be able to brush your teeth after the extraction but you should do so carefully. Avoid the extraction site because you could dislodge the blood clot which can result in a dry socket. This will expose the bones and nerves underneath, resulting in severe pain and increased chances of infection. 

Instead, clean the area by swishing a saltwater solution around your mouth twice daily. Also, stick to soft and liquid food after the extraction. Make sure the food is not too hot and choose mashed potatoes, juices, soups, et cetera. Try not to chew from the side of the tooth extraction until it is healed completely.

5. Take Precautions

While your gums are healing, there are certain things you must avoid absolutely. Don’t smoke, use a straw, drink alcohol, spit, or rinse forcefully. Don’t drive by yourself to or from your appointment.

If you have any concerns, talk to your dentist about them. Having them addressed will keep you calm throughout the process.

Tooth extraction is not a process you should be afraid of. Stay in touch with your dentist in case the pain persists even after several days or if you notice signs of infection like pus in the incision, fever, or pain.

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