Nov 2, 2021

Moving to the countryside with your family


A family with three kids in a field in the countryside

No relocation is easy but moving to the countryside with your family is an entirely different ballgame, especially if it's a last-minute move. It's a significant change, and you need to get your entire family on board before you pack your bags and hit the road. Even though it sounds complicated, it can be turned into an exciting adventure everyone will look forward to if done right. We've prepared some tips and advice to help you survive your family relocation to the countryside with less stress.

Prepare your kids

Moving can be really hard for kids. It gets that much harder if you throw this information out of the blue and make them feel like they have no say. That can cause your kids to lash out, be uncooperative, and essentially make your relocation much more difficult. The fact that raising children is not easy shows especially true during family moves.

Parents sitting at a table, talking to their young daughter

Make sure to talk to your kids openly about the move and make them feel involved

To help your kids process this change, make sure to communicate openly and let them know about the move as soon as you make the decision. Explain why moving to a new house is the best decision for everyone and be prepared to answer all of their questions. Try to present your move in an adventurous way. For instance, talk about plenty of outdoor activities they can enjoy in the countryside or how many new places they will discover.

Additionally, throw a goodbye party and invite all of your kids' friends. That way, they'll get a chance to have a proper goodbye, and you can use the opportunity to help them stay in touch. It will be that much easier for your kids to accept and process this change this way.

Turn moving into a game

The best way to help your kids cope with moving stress is to play different games. Of course, be mindful of their age. Here are some suggestions:

  • Search and find - Ask your children to find, for example, specialty items such as craft supplies, sports gear, camping equipment, and similar. Tell them to group them by type and reward them after they complete the task. This will surely make packing and unpacking easier.

  • Speedy packing - Make a contest where you'll give your kids a large moving box and items to pack. It can be books, stuffed toys, games, clothes, or anything else that can't break. 

  • Treasure hunt - Before you start the trip to your new home, play this game with your kids. They can go around the house and check if there are any items left behind. You can motivate them by hiding a box of candy somewhere in the house and challenging them to find it.

A family in the countryside standing next to a horse
Talk about all the fun and exciting adventures that are waiting for your kids after you move to the countryside.

Moving to the countryside with your family - how to make it work?

Given that family moves can be pretty stressful and tiring, here's what you can do to make it easier.

Make a thorough plan

Any relocation requires meticulous planning, but things tend to get even more complicated when it comes to family moves. As you are moving with your kids, you need to organize the whole process in a way that's as easy as possible for everyone.

Therefore, as soon as you and your partner make the final decision about your move to the countryside, gather your whole family and discuss details openly. Even though your kids might not be old enough to help you plan and organize the move, it's always better to keep them involved.

After you find an appropriate place to call your new home, it's time to start planning your relocation. Set a moving date and create a realistic moving budget. You also need to find reliable movers as they will make the whole process that much easier for your entire family.

Even though you should plan things ahead, always keep an open mind and be flexible. This will help you prevent stress when something doesn't go as planned.

Pack smartly

One of the first things to do when you move into your new home is to unpack. This can be a horrible and chaotic task if you don't pack properly and in a way that will make unpacking easier.

Before you pack, make sure to declutter and only bring things you genuinely need and plan to use. Sort everything as it will be much easier for you to pack this way. It might be helpful to make an inventory list, too. Make sure to gather all the packing supplies you need and get to work. Don't forget to label the boxes as you don't want to be looking through each when the time comes to unpack.

Parents and their daughter unpacking after a move
Make sure to pack strategically to make unpacking easier

Packing is also a great activity to involve your kids in. It will make them feel helpful and valuable. For instance, you can ask them to declutter their toys and clothes and pack only what they want to bring. The rest you can donate to a charity which will instantly make them feel good.

Ensure safety on the moving day

As moving can be chaotic, you need to ensure everyone is safe on the big day. If your kids are very young, it would be good to find a place where they can spend the day. Alternatively, designate a quiet room in the house and hire a babysitter to take care of them while you're dealing with the relocation. If you have teenagers, involve them and let them help.

Another important thing when moving to the countryside with your family is to have the essentials close to you. For instance, snacks, formula, bottles, water, and similar. Also, pack toys, coloring books, or anything else your kids' might enjoy while on the road.

Good luck moving to the countryside with your family!

Even though moving to the countryside with your family can be challenging and difficult, with the help of our tips you can turn it into a fun and exciting experience. We wish you the best of luck with your move and we're sure you and your family will fall in love with country life.

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