Nov 15, 2021

What You Need To Know Before Buying Air Track Mats


Are you training to be a gymnast or are you fond of tumbling workout at home? You can train and practice this sport with an air track mat. These mats are a type of inflatable mats that allow safe landing surface for gymnasts to improve strength, balance, tumbling and perform tricks. Besides gymnasts, they are gaining recognition among martial artists, dancers, cheerleaders, parkour enthusiasts and more. Air tracks offer more bounce, rebound height, stability and safety.  Its bounciness and soft landings help athletes to practice their skills, stay motivated and offer confidence. Unlike the traditional mats that are padded, air tracks are filled with air and the bounciness minimize the chances of injuries.  

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Air track mats are specially designed to ensure quality fun and exercise.  A good quality air track mat is highly durable and undergone stringent testing to ensure safety and optimum performance. Its usage can encourage physical activities to promote good health. Air track mats offer more benefits compared to traditional mats because of the following reasons:-

1. Air tracks offer more rebound that traditional mats and are a great choice for those who want the responsiveness of a spring-loaded tumbling track

2. Air tracks are lighter than padded tumble tracks when fully inflated. This makes them easier to move around.

3. Air tracks are also easier to store as they can be deflated.

Air track mats allow you to practice your favorite sport comfortably with added safety. If you are shopping for air track mats, there are several things that you need to know before buying them.


The most important thing that determines the quality of the air track mat is the durability.  When purchasing the air track, ensure that is made with high grade double wall material, has reinforced stitching, waterproof and UV resistant.

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Besides safely accommodating the exercises that you will be performing, the air track needs to also fir your space.  It is always good to measure your space to make sure that it is a good fit. 

Your Skill Level

The size of the mat that you should get will depend on your skill level. If you are a beginner, then a longer and thicker air track is necessary to give you the confidence to do acrobatics tricks. If you are a seasoned athlete, then you choose between 10 ft to 30 ft air tracks for advanced moves.

Portability of the air track

If you are an outdoor person and love exercising in nature, then the air track portability is an important factor in your buying decision. Smaller and thinner air tracks are lighter and easier to carry. You want one that is light enough to be moved around without any hassle.  Some air tracks models feature carrying handles on the side. It is also important to ensure that the mat is easy to manage, deflate and store. This will make travel and storage a breeze. 

Many inflatable air track mats look similar but there are differences if you look closely.  In order to choose the right one, do keep a lookout for high-quality materials, special valves, air pumps and handles.

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How To Use The Air Track Mats Safely

Below are some tips on how to be safe while using the air track mats to perform your favorite activities:-

Check the air pressure of the mat regularly. Too much air and the mat will be hard and this makes landing hard too.  Lowering the air pressure will give you a softer mat that will give more air and power to the jump. Becareful not to have too little air as it will not be able to offer enough cushioning to for re-bounce. 

Make sure that you have a safe area when you are doing your stunts. Place the air mat away from furniture or hard items.  Put away wires, cables, cords or other things near the air tracks.

Remember to wear comfortable clothes when you are practicing your skills on the air tracks. Wear clothes that fit you such as leotards that will not restrict your movements. 

What Are Air Tracks Made Of?

In order to offer maximum support for flips, jumps and somersaults, air tracks have to be made from a durable and resilient material. Look for air track mats that are made from robust double wall fabric that is sturdy and waterproof. 

Best Place To Buy Air Track Mats

The best air track you can get one that is durable, portable and covers a wide range of uses. Find a brand and product that you can trust like the air track mats from Kameymall,, an online wholesale platform that offers a wide variety of outdoor sports, clothing and more.  They have been in the retail and wholesale business for over 20 years and they are known as the international version of Taobao. Kameymall has an extensive selection of air track mats that feature different sizes, thickness, colors and rebound characteristics. 

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