Jul 4, 2022

Fun things to do in Tampa as a family

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Situated on Tampa Bay, the city of Tampa is one of the most vibrant cities in Florida. The city is home to one of the biggest ports in the state. If you are considering moving here with kids, you are making a great decision. Every year many families relocate to Tampa in search of a better life. This is why the population is constantly growing. Since you will soon become a resident of this vibrant city, we have decided to prepare a small guide on fun things to do in Tampa as a family. Keep on reading to discover all the fun things you will do! 

Why are families moving to Tampa? 

Tampa has 385,000 residents as we speak. As we already said, the number is constantly increasing. This is all due to the great quality of life, affordable cost of living, and great job opportunities. Moreover, if you choose to move your business here, you will not make a mistake!   

Tampa is a great place to live a peaceful life. The city is quite safe and has many highly ranked public and private schools, which is great news for families moving with kids. Moreover, Tampa is known for its sunny weather. Therefore you can enjoy plenty of outdoor activities all year round!


the city of Tampa
There are many fun things to do in Tampa as a family!



Get professional help to move to Tampa 

Moving alone and moving with kids is not the same, especially if you have kids of young age. Therefore, before moving to Tampa, one important thing that you need to do is find reliable help in the areaWith professional movers by your side, you will have a smooth and stress-free relocation. Hiring movers who know the area is the best way to ensure a swift and safe relocation. Movers know which routes to take and how to navigate the roads when the traffic is dense.  

Your kids will need some time to adjust to the fact that you are moving to a new place. They will miss their friends, so you should spend as much time as possible with them. When you have a reliable moving partner by your side, you will have plenty of time for this. Moreover, you can ask your friends and family to give you advice on how to help your kids make friends after the move. They will probably know what to do.  

If you want to help your movers and speed up the process, experts from müv | Trusted Florida Movers suggest that you start packing in advance. Start with simple things like clothes and toys. You can leave the rest to the professionals. While your movers work their magic, you can start planning family activities that you can do after you settle in.

There are plenty of fun things to do in Tampa as a family 

You don't have to spend much money to enjoy fun family activities in Tampa. There are more than 165 parks and beaches in the city. As you can see, you will have plenty of choices. You can go for a walk or a bike ride and bring some snacks with you. There is nothing better than eating sandwiches after a long day of biking with your family. You can organize a playdate with your kid's friends in the park or at the beach. Your kids will have so much fun, while you can relax with a book in your hand! 


This is the number one family-friendly zoo in the country! The zoo receives more than a million visitors every year. There you will see more than 1300 animals! You will not make a mistake by choosing to spend a day with the entire family here. People of all ages come here to admire the animals. The oldest section of the zoo is the Asian Gardens. Some of the wild animals you will see in this part of the zoo are Indian rhinoceros, sloth bears, tigers, and the Komodo dragon.  

We must also mention the newest section, Safari Africa, which houses giraffes, zebras, elephants, and African penguins.

A tiger in the zoo
A great way to spend a day as a family is by visiting the zoo and getting to know wild animals.


Tampa Riverwalk 

When talking about the fun things to do in Tampa as a family, it's impossible not to mention the Tampa Riverwalk! In these 2,6 miles of open space, you will have the opportunity to admire the scenic views of the waterways. You can do so by taking the Pirate Water Taxi. Your kids will definitely love it!  

If you are planning on setting up a family fitness plan, you should consider including jogging along the river in your plan. Another option is paddle boarding or kayaking down the river. There's nothing better than a friendly family kayaking competition!

This wonderful place becomes even more magical during the Christmas season. The Winter Village is set up here and features an ice-skating rink. And we all know that ice skating is one of the most fun activities during the winter that a whole family can do.  

Gasparilla Pirate Ship 

Almost every year the last Saturday in January, the Gasparilla Parade takes place. This pirate-themed parade has existed since 1904, and it's held in honor of the Spanish pirate Jose Gaspar. Each time hundreds of boats join the Jose Gasparilla boat, which is magical to see. This is definitely a must-see thing in Tampa. This is the perfect time to unleash your inner Captain Jack Sparrow and be a pirate for the day!

Adventure Island 

If you are adventurous, you should definitely visit this 3-acre water theme park. The park features lazy rivers, wave pools, water slides, and many more attractions. One of the things you need to try is the Solar Vortex slide. This is the first dual-tailspin water slide in the country! 

The good thing is that after you buy a ticket to this park, you will get the chance to visit Buch Gardens Tampa Bay, Aquatica Orlando, and SeaWorld Orlando with the same tickets. 

The Florida Aquarium 

This is one of the best aquariums in the world. Every sea creature that you can think of you can find in The Florida Aquarium. If you are planning to visit, make sure to spend a whole day here. The aquarium is huge: We are talking about a 220, 000 square-foot building. 

This is not your traditional aquarium, and here you will get the chance to dive with sharks! Fabulous, isn't it?  

Moreover, another fun activity that you can do while you are here is to go on a dolphin tour on a catamaran. After this, you can relax in the water play area that was added not so long ago.


Peopole in the aquarium
If you love adventure consider diving with sharks in The Florida Aquarium.




Those who say that museums are not a fun family activity have never been to Tampa Bay's Museum of Science and Industry. This is not your average museum. The museum offers many activities both for kids and parents. They have found a fun way to showcase science to people of all ages. A must-see thing in the museum is the Moonbase lunar colony.  

On selected dates, MOSI organizes SkyWatch stargazing events. On the east side of the campus, they set up telescopes so that you can explore the space. The staff will explain everything, so feel free to ask questions. The best part is that these events are free of charge. You can find the dates of the events on the museum's website.  

Fun in Tampa is guaranteed  

Hopefully, our list of fun things to do in Tampa as a family will help you choose which activities you want to do after you have settled in. There are many more things that you can do once you move there. These are just some of the most interesting that the city of Tampa offers. There is always some fun event that you can attend as a family. Therefore, we are sure that you will love the city and have a lot of fun exploring it!







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