Jul 20, 2022

Best Places in Virginia for Job Seekers


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Virginia boasts one of the strongest economies in all of the states in the US. As such, it's considered one of the best states if you're looking for a job. Generally speaking, no matter what kind of job you're looking for, you can find employment in Virginia. However, this brings up a much different question: where exactly should one go in Virginia when looking for a job? This can rely on many factors, and today we hope to help you figure it out. The best location can vary wildly depending on the kind of work you're looking for. As such, knowing what occupations are popular in the cities you're considering is essential. We have put together a list of the best places in Virginia for job seekers, and we hope you find it helpful in your search.


Vienna is considered to be one of the wealthiest cities in Virginia. This is echoed in its unemployment rate, which is impressively low at 4.6%. Most jobs here are in the professional, scientific, and technical services, with education and public administration following closely. That said, you can easily find employment in other areas too. Compared to the average income of a US resident, which is $28,555 a year, the yearly income of an average Vienna resident is $57,487 a year. As such, Vienna makes a case for being one of the best places in Virginia for job seekers. However, it can be easy to find yourself lost in your job, which isn't a good thing; as such, remember to not overwork yourself, even if there are so many jobs you can choose. 

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The most popular occupations are professional, scientific, and technical services making Vienna is an excellent place for many professionals.

Fairfax City

An independent city in the Commonwealth of Virginia, next up on the list is Fairfax city. The heart of Fairfax County was initially formed as the city of Providence and was known for its courthouse. In the modern day, however, Fairfax City is a beautiful suburban city that offers all of the commodities one could ask for. Additionally, the unemployment rate here is only 4.3%, making it a perfect place for job seekers. Education, retail and accommodation, and food services are the most popular occupations. Healthcare and social assistance, as well as construction, are also pretty big here. The average income of a Fairfax City resident is $44,747 yearly, making it much better than the US average. If you plan to move to Fairfax City, remember to find reliable local movers for help getting there, as they will be able to get you moved in safely.


Are you a foodie or looking for a job in the culinary industry? If yes, you should consider settling down in Charlottesville. Charlottesville is famous for its thriving culinary scene and world-class golf. Additionally, the city is lovely and considered a fairly idyllic place to live. Charlottesville's unemployment rate is a low of 4,7%, and the most popular occupations in Charlottesville are by far accommodation and food, with education, retail, and health care and social assistance following closely. That said, the average yearly income of Charlottesville is $28,285, which is slightly lower than the US average. Even with that in mind, Charlottesville is one of the best places in Virginia for job seekers. Still, working women in a man's world should keep this in mind regardless of where one decides to look for a job.

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Charlottesville is an excellent place for anyone looking for a job in the culinary industry.


At first glance, the city of Leesburg might not seem remarkable. However, it is famous for being a historical city in Virginia, as it was the home of World War 2 General George C. Marshall. As for why it shows up on the list of best places in Virginia for job seekers, it's simple: its unemployment rate is 4,7%, one of the lowest in the US. Additionally, the average Leesburg resident's yearly income is $39,533, making it a very good place to live. The most popular occupations in Leesburg are professional, scientific, and technical services, as well as construction, retail, and education. Leesburg is where most people can find a job very quickly. Still, experts from Fairfax Transfer and Storage note that, when moving anywhere and not just Leesburg, it's imperative to plan carefully and well ahead of time.


Another historic town in Virginia, Alexandria, is well known for its old town. Within Alexandria, you can find well-preserved 18th and 19th-century buildings loaded with history. Otherwise, we should note that Alexandria's unemployment rate is 4,9%, which is the highest on this list but still much lower than the US average of 6%. When it comes to the most popular occupations, most people in Alexandria work in public administration; however, education, professional, scientific, and technical services are also very prevalent. Finally, the average Alexandria resident's yearly income is $54,597, which is quite good compared to the US average. Alexandria is one of the better places to live in Virginia, which makes it even better for job seekers. However, if you lose motivation at work, consider some tips for boosting workplace productivity and motivation. This can help you out quite a bit with your career.

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Alexandria is the place to be if you’re looking for a job in public administration.

Best places in Virginia for job seekers – wrap up

There are a lot of places in Virginia that are suitable for people looking for a job. However, the city is best for you depends on many factors. Some of them are personal, but mostly it comes down to what kind of job you're trying to find. Certain cities may be beautiful, but they just don't have the market for certain professions, making them incompatible. So, it's crucial to consider which occupations thrive in which cities before making your final decision. We hope this list of the best places in Virginia for job seekers helps you figure out where exactly you want to go, and we wish you a wonderful rest of your day.

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