Aug 9, 2022

Top 6 East Coast States for Single Parents


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Read our article to find out what are some of the best east coast states for single parents 


It is a widely known fact that parenting is hard. Everyone who has kids will tell you that. Raising kids comes with many challenges and hardships. It’s even harder to raise kids when you are a single parent. And you need all the help you can get. Many single parents carefully choose where they want to raise their kids. Because not every state is equally good for single parents. There are certain criteria that a location has to meet to be considered a good place for single parents. In this article, we are going to explain what those criteria are, and we are also going to tell you what are the top 6 east coast states for single parents.

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Single parents look for states that have good healthcare options 

What makes a state appealing to single parents

  • Childcare programs

  • Annual household income 

  • Housing programs

  • Health services  

You won’t go wrong if you choose Delaware

Delaware is one of the best east coast states for single parents. It is especially great for single mothers. The state invests in single mothers’ futures and education. Individual Training Account (ITA) is a program that helps single mothers find employment and finish higher education. That way, the state is trying to make sure single-parent families have better futures. Single mothers with higher education in Delaware are 82 percent less likely to experience homelessness and poverty. There are also great options for health services like Medicaid and Delaware Healthy Children Program (DHCP).

There is a lot of help in Rhode Island for single parents

Rhode Island is a great choice for single mothers and fathers. First, it has one of the best median household incomes and offers paid family leave. Then there are programs like Rhode Island Child Care Assistance Program. It helps working families ( both single-parent or two-parent households) get access to affordable child care. When it comes to helping with medical and health services, there is a federal and state-funded program called Rlte care or Medicaid. In addition to that, there are two free clinics in Rhode Island that offer help as well.

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Affordable daycare is a must for working single parents 

Virginia welcomes single mothers and fathers

Virginia is very welcoming to new people. It has everything a single parent can need. It has great storage options for someone who just moved. Just imagine a single parent who just relocated and hasn’t settled in quite yet. In Virginia, you can rent storage at an affordable price until you find the solution for excess stuff in your home. That way, you will have more time to organize your things and finalize your move. In addition to relocating and storage assistance Virginia offers great help with the daily struggles of single parents. There is a grant called Child Care Subsidy Program that gives working single mothers easier access to childcare. When it comes to medical needs, there is Virginia Medicaid, which provides help for single parents and low-income households.

New Hampshire is a good choice

Another good choice for single parents is New Hampshire. It has a high median income and low poverty rate. A very small percentage of state residents live below the poverty line. That is very appealing to single parents. New Hampshire Housing provides rental assistance for low-income families and single mothers. Then there is the New Hampshire Medicaid Program, which helps low-income families that can’t afford medical services. In addition to that, there are programs like the Fuel Assistance Program, Child care assistance, and The New Hampshire Food Stamp Program. It is safe to say there is a lot of help for single parents in New Hampshire.

New Jersey cares about your future

New Jersey is one of the best states for single parents. It has the third-best median household income in the US. And it has great options for health, child care, and housing programs. One of the housing programs is SRAP. The State Rental Assistance Program is a great program that gives access to housing to the low-income residents of New Jersey. You only have to have proof of residence, and you have to have lived in New Jersey for at least 6 months. There are also programs for food assistance, such as New Jersey’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. New Jersey is not a good place just for; it also works on making sure single parents and their kids have a better future. For example, through the program WorkFirst New Jersey, the state is trying to help families get off of welfare and become educated so they can find employment.

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Maryland has great storage options at affordable prices 

Maryland is one of the best east coast states for single parents

Maryland is a great place for single parents to raise their kids, and there are a couple of reasons. First, it statistically has the best average household income in the United States. That is incredibly important for parents. And it also has one of the lowest poverty rates. What makes Maryland so great is the number of programs and organizations working to help single mothers and fathers. For example Food Supplement Program (FSP). The goal of the program is to make sure that low-income households still have access to healthy, quality food. Then there is the Maryland Children’s Health Program (MCHP). It’s affordable and gives full health benefits for uninsured children up to age 19. Maryland also has great options for parents who decide to move there. There are many great moving companies there. For example, experts from Allstate Moving and Storage suggest that you find professionals that will take care of any relocation and storage need you may have at an affordable price.

In conclusion

These were the top 6 east coast states for single parents. We based the ranking on the median household income and the amount of help the states offer to single parents. Help like housing programs, affordable healthcare, and childcare. Also, we looked into what states invest in single-parent households’ future, which is equally important. The goal isn’t to help those families just now but to make sure they have a better life in the future. Single parenting is hard but can be made easier if you choose the right state to call home.

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