Aug 23, 2022


Shapewear has long been a popular fashion item around the world. In fact, it seems inseparable from the world of fashionable women who are very concerned about the shape of their body.

Modern shapewear has a variety of designs that are no longer bound by the ancient rule that shapewear must be stiff, tight and always hidden under clothes. The designers are now creating shapewear as part of a stylish fashion item, comfortable to wear but still attached to its essence as a body sculpting garment.

If you find that crochet clothing is a trending outfit this season or chains are a trending accessory, then shapewear has its own trends too. Well, if you want to know which shapewear is a hot topic this year, here is a list of the top 5 shapewear for women in 2022. Make sure you check them out and don't miss out on the inspiration!

1. Lace Shapewear


The designers thought about how to make fashionable shapewear, which you can even wear as an outfit that spoils people's eyes. Of course by adding a pretty detail, lace!

Lace shapewear is one of the best shapewear for tummy and waist that you must have this season. This product provides 3 functions at once, as a body shaper, sexy lingerie and a flattering top for your summer. Generally, lace shapewear has a light to medium shaping level so this product is very comfortable to wear all day long, while the tummy control feature is also able to provide a smooth and curvy body silhouette.

2. Sport Vest


A healthy lifestyle is now very popular among people, therefore accessories that support it are also becoming more and more sought after, one of which is shapewear for sports. This year, sport vest is a hot topic.

The sport vest with the triple belt feature is a popular product because it provides extra compression to the hard-to-reach lower abdomen. Sport vests can be comfortable accessories for you to wear when doing workouts, cardio or other abdominal exercises. In addition to shaping your body and maintaining your posture, this product will help you burn more fat.

3. Body Slimming Tops


It's like combining a body shaper and a stylish outfit so that when you wear it, you will get not only hourglass curves but also a fashionable appearance. Interesting!

It's no wonder that many women use a bodysuit as a stylish top as well as a body sculptor because, currently, thong shapewear bodysuits come with various necklines and sleeve that look more chic. These stylish bodysuits attract many women because they are easy to match with any bottom, fun to wear and can create ideal body shape without compromising on the comfort.


The designers played with the neckline as well as the shape and length of the sleeves when creating the body slimming tops. This leaves us with more choices, from classic bodysuits with spaghetti straps, short sleeves, long sleeves, puff sleeves, and various stylish neck cuts such as asymmetrical necklines. Not a few women who claim to prefer wearing body slimming tops as a comfy outfit because it makes them more confident with their natural curves that become more fabulous.

4. Versatile Body Shaper


Shapewear that comes in versatile designs is very popular with people. You can wear this shapewear under any outfit as it hides well without leaving any traces even on strapless, backless or very low neck dresses. To make it invisible from the outside, versatile shapewear is usually made with a seamless design, open back and a plunge neck cut. You don't have to worry about its effectiveness, because the versatile design is still equipped with excellent tummy control and butt lifter features to create a slim, smooth and curvy silhouette that fits perfectly with the cut of the dress.

5. The Plus Size Shapewear


At the end of our top 5 shapewear list for women 2022 is the plus size body shaper.

This year, many popular brands have added plus size designs to their collections to meet the needs of customers with various body sizes. You need to know, if you do have a plus body size, you should buy shapewear with the right size. Forcing your body to a much smaller size will only make you feel uncomfortable and difficult to move. Shapewear with the right size will hug your body comfortably and show your natural curves in a smoother and slimmer way.

Finally we come to a closure. Modern shapewear has developed into a trendy fashion item but has not erased its essential role as a tool to create ideal posture and body shape for women. Make sure you don't miss the latest shapewear trends and have them in your wardrobe, okay?

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