Sep 2, 2022

6 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Help with Chores

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We will teach you some fun and productive ways to motivate your kids to help with chores 

As any parent will tell you, parenting is the best and most challenging job in the world. There is so much a parent has to do to raise their child well and prepare them for the real world tomorrow. Taking care of your kids is a bit simpler when they are babies and toddlers. You need to feed them, bathe them, play with them, and love them. That’s it. But when kids get a little older and more capable, you have to teach them some important life qualities and skills. One of the most important things to do is to teach your children about responsibility early on. The best way to do that is through house chores. But the problem is kids are not huge fans of housework, and it’s hard to get them to do it. But thankfully, there are some exciting ways to motivate your kids to help with chores, and we will tell you all about them in this article.

A mother and daughter lying on the bed, talking
It’s essential to explain to your kids why they have to do chores 

Explain why it is crucial to help out with chores

It has been proven that communicating with your kids is one of the keys to good parenting. Just telling them, they have to do something without explaining why is not a very good or productive approach. Kids are more likely to listen and behave when you talk nicely and explain why you ask them to do something. Tell your kids they are getting older, which means they must learn about responsibility. Also, this is their home, and the whole family has to work on it and keep it clean and organized. If you approach it this way, kids will feel like they are doing something useful for their home and family and will be more motivated and efficient.

Make them feel included

Tedious everyday house chores are rarely fun for the kids, but there are some exceptions. For example, moving into a new home. Moving can be incredibly stressful for kids. They are leaving their old home, maybe even their friends. So they are not very excited about their new house. But there is a way to change that. Make them feel included in the process. You can promise your kids you will let them decorate their new bedroom if they help out on moving day. Keeping home clean while moving is very important, so use that. Give them a task, for example, to keep the dust away. Prepare a little dusting kit for them and show them what to do. This is one of the guaranteed ways to motivate your kids to help with chores. They will look forward to their new home and bedroom and also do their chores. Two flies with one stone.

Woman giving money to a child. One of the best ways to motivate your kids to help with chores is through allowance.
Kids’ allowance should be connected to how well they do their chores 


One of the best ways to motivate your kids to help with chores is through allowance

Yes, one of the best ways to motivate an adult to do something also works for kids - money. If your kids are of that age where you are starting to give them an allowance, you should utilize that. Their allowance should be connected to their chores. They will get their allowance if they do their tasks well and on time. If they slack off, are lazy, or refuse to do their chores, they will get less or no money. On the other hand, if they do their tasks efficiently and enthusiastically, you can raise their allowance a little bit. That’s a great motivational tool.

Stop cleaning their room

Don’t make a scene if your kids are not listening and refuse to clean their rooms or do other house chores. Don’t yell and punish them. It rarely has a good effect. Stop cleaning their bedroom. It would be best if you stopped doing their work for them. Don’t pick up toys after them, and don’t make their bed. After a while, toys and clothes will pile up, and the room will look like a mess. The thing is, your kids are used to having clean and tidy rooms. They are used to you doing that for them. And when the room is messy enough, and they notice that you won’t clean it, they will have no choice but to clean it themselves. It’s better when they decide to do it on their own and not you forcing them.

Reward system

It’s important that you show appreciation to your kids. So a reward system can be very helpful when trying to motivate your kids to help with chores. Give your kids tasks for the whole month. And tell them that if they are good and do everything right that month, they are going to be rewarded. That reward shouldn’t be something too big and expensive. Just something to keep them motivated and happy. You can let them watch tv for a little longer or stay up late a little bit more.

A notebook with the word Today written in it
Being prepared and organized is key

Be organized

Young kids need stability and a schedule in most areas of their life. That needs to be applied to their weekly chores as well. Make a fun chart with all the family members’ names and their duties for that week. For example, you can make your kids help you with decluttering and storing one of the rooms in the house that week. You can do it together. Decide what to keep in the house and what to store. Then you can take a trip to a storage unit and make it a fun experience. In this case, experts from Best Movers in Florida can be helpful with finding the perfect storage for you. Making a weekly plan has been proven to be the most productive way of doing housework.

Final thoughts

These were fun and productive ways to motivate your kids to help with chores. Chances are your kids will listen to you if you just nicely explain that they need to help with housework a little bit. That should always be your first approach. If that doesn’t work, you can try giving them an allowance, including them in the moving process, or any of the other ways we listed here.

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