Dec 3, 2020

Top places in the US for single moms

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No one understands the importance of living in a place that offers an excellent quality of life better than single moms. From juggling work with doctor appointments, grappling with priorities, bills, and solo decision-making, to navigating between your anxiety and doing the best you can to ensure your baby stays in their safe little bubble, away from all the adult concerns and social evils. The trials endured by women in single motherhood are often incomprehensible to those who aren't in the same situation.

For this reason, our list breaking down the top places in the US for single moms is primarily based on issues that such households typically face. It sums up the cities with benefits such as low cost of living, good job opportunities and income, high safety rates, decent healthcare, good schools, and affordable housing. All of these play a significant role in alleviating the stress of single motherhood, at least to some degree.

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Let's start our list of top places in the US for single moms to move to with Fayetteville because this city keeps routinely making its way into many other lists. For starters, it ranks high among the best and cheapest places to live in in the United States. Although its median home value can be relatively high and most residents rent their homes, its housing-related expenses are still lower than the national average. Groceries, healthcare, and other costs are significantly cheaper, too, and it's affordable not only for professionals but students as well. Secondly, it's often listed among the US cities that are best to retire in, which speaks of its safety and abundance of outdoor activity options.

Boulder, Colorado
The next on our list of best places in America for single mothers is Boulder, Colorado. The median income for a single mom in Boulder is approximately $41,708 a year, which is enough to afford a two-bedroom apartment and a good preschool program. Next to the thriving economy, this is also one of the safest cities in the US, although property crime is somewhat higher than the national average. Lastly, Boulder's school district is mostly considered exceptional.

Lexington, Kentucky
The main pros of Lexington, Kentucky include education much more affordable than many other US states, housing prices that are 7% lower than the US average, and topography that takes your breath away. Although finding a good-paying job will not be as easy as it would if you're a teacher, professor, or healthcare worker, it is doable. Besides, keep in mind that Kentucky continues to rank amongst the ten cheapest states in America. As a parent, you will be happy to find that Lexington has plenty of opportunities for all levels of education, as well as lots of parks and playgrounds for them to have fun exploring.
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As a single mother who wants the best life possible for her child, you understand the importance of having an excellent place to live
Buffalo, New York
The school districts in Buffalo, NY, are often cited as some of the best in the country, so you can be fully confident your children will receive a quality education. Secondly, Buffalo belongs to the category of so-called "affordable" cities since it offers low median housing expenses. Next, its booming economy relies on a diversified economic approach, making hundreds of different jobs available. In addition, due to its location, your commute will last 20 minutes tops.

Trenton, New Jersey
Balancing work and all of the responsibilities revolving around child care is made easy for single moms in Trenton due to its affordable but high-quality preschool programs and required paid family leave. Secondly, both renters and homeowners in Trenton found it easy to afford their residences, and with this area's growing economy and unemployment rate of 3.8%, finding a good-paying job will not be too difficult.  

Sarasota, Florida
Although best known for its rich art performances and cultural scene, Florida's "Cultural City" has also been ranked relatively high on the lists for best cities in the USA to live, single parents included. This is primarily because of affordable housing prices, healthcare quality, low crime level, strong school system, and employment market. The best news of all, Florida has no state income or sales taxes.

Many job-seekers are extremely attracted to Sarasota's strong job market as well as an impressively low percentage of unemployment and diversified economy. Secondly, when you mix the laid-back feel and comfortable temperatures of Sarasota with its wide selection of family-friendly activities and attractions, you get the authentic vibe of a year-round playground for both you and your children. And not only that – Sarasota boasts quality public elementary, middle, and high schools, and it is also home to some top-notch institutions of higher learning. Therefore, once you've settled on moving to Florida and found the experts you can trust to take you there, you can rest assured you'll enjoy a steady income, and your children a quality education.

Boise, Idaho
With plenty of job opportunities, affordability, safety rates, an abundance of school choices and outdoor activities, it comes as no surprise that people are virtually tripping over themselves, single moms included, to relocate to this family-oriented city. Although Boise ranks as the 8th safest city in the world, which isn't negligible, the city has some drawbacks as well. The greatest one is the percentage of minimum wage workers. However, when compared to the East and West Coast states, Boise is extremely affordable, and things like taxes, gas, medical bills, as well as your kids' lessons and activities will not be an issue to your wallet.

Iowa City, Iowa
Iowa City also made it to our list of top places in the US for single moms, and it's not hard to see why. This diverse and vibrant little town boasts award-winning schools and world-class healthcare. It also scores high on housing affordability, low crime, and economic opportunity. This could be the ideal place for you if you're an artist since music, theatre, and all other art forms are a big deal in Iowa City.

La Crosse-Onalaska, Wisconsin-Minnesota
The La Crosse-Onalaska metro area gives you high wages and low rents. A single mother's average income is $30,524 a year, which is more than $4,000 higher than the nationwide average for such a household. If you wish to buy a home, the good news is that houses here are more affordable than most residential real estate markets in the country. And, if you're renting, expect to pay roughly $826 per month for an average two-bedroom flat. On top of it all, you will enjoy good public schools and affordable and easily accessible healthcare.

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If you aren't already living in one of these cities, make sure to research the area and find one close to you.

Tallahassee, Florida
You're looking at one of the most popular college towns in Florida and home to the great schools of Florida State University, Tallahassee Community College, and Florida A&M. Here you will enjoy a relatively low cost of living, with well-priced items such as gas, housing options, and groceries. While one of the teams from Best Movers in Florida takes care of your relocation, you can get to know Tallahassee with your little ones and find some excellent places to have fun.

Final word
That concludes our list of top places in the US for single moms. With a bit of luck, your city is already on the list, and if not, hopefully, your relocation to one of them will significantly alleviate your stress as a single mom and meet the standards you wish for your child and yourself. Best of luck!

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