Oct 20, 2017

Working Women in a Man's World and Their Problems

Being a woman is not so easy in a man's world, thus getting more rights for women has been an important issue for many feminists all over the world throughout history. The role of women in the business world as well as her behaviour in most cases are stereotyped, the woman is treated to be too emotional, being unable to make decisions herself and always in need of help. Is this true? As Virginia Wolf once said, “Anything may happen when womanhood has ceased to be a protected occupation”,this is a passage from her well-known work “A room of one’s own”. Virginia has been struggling for female rights during her entire life, although most of what she writes is already achieved by women, we may still face cases of a gender inequality even today, speaking of an attitude towards a woman in a man's world.

  • There is no place in the world, where women’s salary is equal to the men’s
Although young women have gained many rights over the past century, the issue of gender inequality in business is still obvious even in the most developed countries. No matter whether you are a writer, who works for https://www.essayvikings.com/write-my-essay or a successful businesswoman, working for an international company, men who have the same jobs, will earn much more money than you;there isno country in the world where both sexes get anequal salary. You may wonder why this happens if females constitute almost the half of the world population, thus they must have the same rights as men. I do not have one simple answer or strategy to follow as this tendency remains quite unchanged and nobody can fix itjust right now. Everything we can do now is continuing equalizing the rights step-by-step, and this can really change the current situation with a passage of time.
  •  Many countries lack female politicians
I can say that the USA is the most developed feminist country on the world map; it has established the equal policy for both genders in the sphere of education and medicine, but still it lacks female politicians, who will fight for the women’s rights in our male’s world. When in 2016 Hillary Clinton became a presidential candidate, many American feminists were frozen for some time, waiting for the miracle to happen. Clinton said, that she was born right when everything was changing for women, in an era when men lead and men speak as well as represent women to the world. Although many of her sayings are quite controversial, she finally has got women’s support in the USA.And, despite the fact that she hasn’t won this election, many ladies are still waiting desperately for a female, who will run their country.And who knows, maybe these hopes are not vain. 
  •   There are countries which still have high level of gender discrimination 
Chad, Yemen and Pakistan are in the list of countries, where gender discrimination is flourishing. Many females in Chad can’t even get a proper higher education, while all managers, lawyers and officials are males there. Pakistan has got on this list because of the gender inequality in the economic sphere, while in Yemen there is a wide gap in the level of income between women and men, and also there is inequality in the educational and political sectors.

  •   Some third-world countries are more successful than many developed ones
Nicaragua, a small and poor place, located in the Central America has outrun the USA, Great Britain and other developed countries because there are a lot of ladies there, who are getting a higher education, working and taking part in governing their motherland. Ruanda is also a place, where, in most cases, women have got power to rule the country. These examples show us clearly the fact that no matter how rich the country is, it still can influence the situation greatly in terms of a gender discrimination inside the country by equalizing the rights of both genders.

The women discrimination exists now in two forms: clear, which we can see in many third-world countries, where women are prohibited from doing certain things and latent, the most abnormal phenomenon of the humankind, inherent in many developed countries, where females are treated not the in same way as males implicitly.According to the statistics of the World Economic Forum, even if the fight against gender inequality will continue growing at this rate, unfortunately, the humankind will eradicate it completely only in the end of XXI century. Despite the fact that in XX century feminists have achieved legal and social equality, the struggle in women’s brains still continues to grow.

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