Oct 19, 2017


The fashion world has only just recovered, or has it? From the LBD (little black dress) fever. But very little attention is being paid to the white dress, whether little or maxi. The white dress is a wardrobe staple very stylish woman in this century must own. Why white you’re most likely wondering? There is a purity of the color white; it is simply ethereal.

“To me, clothing is a form of self-expression, there are hints of who you are in what you wear”- Marc Jacobs and Us. And nothing spells elegance quite like a white dress. So there’s your answer as to why you should own a white dress ladies, one word. Elegance.

We have compiled seven more reasons why you should own a white dress this season and forever because elegance never goes out of style.


White dresses are known for their versatility. You can dress a white dress down or up, regardless of the occasion or weather. Accessories for styling a white dress include sneakers and Denim jackets for a sporty look, sandals, and anything! Just get that stylish vibe in girl!


Just as black absorbs heat, white as the opposite does the opposite. White dresses are a great choice of outfit to wear when it’s hot, as it mostly is in this part of the world. White reflects the heat waves it’s exposed to, so to feel cool and look cool, go white!

Classy way of drawing attention

Let’s just put this simply; there’s no way to stay unnoticed in any gathering wearing a white dress. If you’re looking to get some attention, step into that place in a lovely white dress, and you’ll be getting just the healthy dose of admirable attention.

Tip: Make the view worth it.

Easy to Match

White is a color that matches with any color. A white dress can be paired with colors black, metallic colors gold, silver and bronze and all colors in the color spectrum really.

Tip: The general rule is to not allow more than a total of 2 colors besides the neutral colour.

White dresses are perfect for showing off the skin.

Fair skinned or caramel skin, a white dress will always create a subtle or strong contrast with your skin color. Eye-popper.

Perfect alternative to the LBD

The little black dress is cool, but a little white dress is cooler. A body-hugging short white dress is the perfect dress for parties, and casual socializing. Tested and Proven.

White dresses are a popular choice for dress codes for social events.

You don’t want to be caught unprepared or doing emergency shopping when there’s a social function to attend, and the dress code is white. Functions ranging from bridal and baby showers, birthday parties and girl hangouts often have white as their dress codes.

We need to add that, the cut and style of your white dress can range from mini to maxi, shirt dresses to maxi dresses, Lacey to cotton and off-shoulder to round necks. Just wear white!

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