Dec 16, 2022

Go Layering Your Cotton Maxi Dresses This Spring

A maxi dress is a long dress that reaches to the ankles and sometimes to the floor.  The dress is sophisticated and casual enough for different occasions. Loose and flowy maxi dresses are popularly known among women as fashionable and comfortable clothing options for warmer weather. But nowadays, you can find  winter maxi dresses that are made from certain fabrics such as velvet, silk and knitted fabrics so that they can be used in winter. 

Jersey Boho Ethnic Hanging Neck Collar Maxi Dress
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Sleeveless maxi dress is a perfect piece for any combo outfits. 

Maxi dresses for spring and summer attire are mostly created from lightweight cotton or polyester. It makes cotton maxi dresses light and comfy enough to be worn on hot days. They are available in a wide variety of necklines, colors and patterns; you can find one or some stylish dresses that suit your needs and personal style. 

Floral Printed Long Sleeve Sweet Boho Dress
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Loose maxi dress. You can wear a turtleneck top beneath to add warmth. 

Loose cotton maxi dresses are good summer outfits since they keep the wearer cool in the  heat. Problem might happen when you want to wear a maxi dress this spring but the weather is not yet warm enough. It is still  too cold for you to go outside in only a single dress. 

Half Turtleneck Loose Casual Plain T-Shirt
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Wear turtleneck top under your dress in colder Spring. 

Do you still want to wear a maxi dress upcoming spring? One fashion idea that works is go layering the dress, girls. In colder than usual weather; you can wear  turtleneck casual tops for women under  loose maxi dresses. Fitted leggings or sheer tights on your bottom will provide an extra layer of warmth.  To complete your spring look, additional over-the-knee boots are good choices and they surely keep your feet warm. 

Casual Plain Autumn Natural Lightweight Micro-Elasticity Long Sleeves
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Cardigan over maxi dress is a good outerwear to add warmth

Another trick to layer a maxi dress in spring is wearing a cardigan over the dress. If it's just windy, you can throw on a light cardigan but when it gets colder, a thicker cardigan is needed. Anyway, you can choose 

other outerwear over your maxi dress like sweaters and jackets. Go layer and you are good to go! 

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