Dec 9, 2022

Long Sleeves Wedding Dresses 2023 Collection Worth to Choose


A very good friend of mine is a huge fan of Princess of Wales, Katherine Middleton. When we admired how grand the royal wedding of Kate and Prince William back then in 2011, she spontaneously said that her wedding dress should be looked like Kate’s gown. Kate was a really graceful bride; she chose a long-sleeved wedding outfit in spite of more common strapless wedding dress style. After that, I remembered there were a few celebrities who took after to dress in sleeves on their wedding days such as Kim Kardashian and Ivanka Trump.

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Time passing by, my friend finally met the man of her life and now she is on her wedding preparation that will be held next year. She still focuses on searching her dream gown from the latest Wedding Dresses 2023 collection which has the similar look with Kate’s wedding gown. At least she said, the gown should be long-sleeved and should offer graceful vibe.

Sheath Bateau Neck Ivory Wedding Dress Rustic Lace Bridal Gown
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My friend prefers to a gown with long sleeves because she is a Kate Middleton’s huge fans who admires her fashion style and statement. Other brides might have their personal reasons to choose this style. The reasons could relate to a bride’s personality, fashion fondness, tradition, family values, faith and other possible reasons. No matter what the reason and story behind is; no doubt that wedding dresses with long sleeves can provide a stunning classy look. Whatever the neckline and dress silhouette of the chosen gown; the elegant vibe is so highlighted.

Vintage Long Sleeve Satin Wedding Dress Deep V Neck Bridal Gown
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Slim fitted long sleeves give a bride slimming look. Yet this type of long sleeves which look like a second skin is not a proper choice for brides with large upper arms. They should opt for gowns with more flowy sleeves that end on top of or beneath the widest part of their arms. Anyway, the final decision is on the bride who will wear the dress for hours. As long as she feels confidence wearing it; go ahead with her choice.  


I already searched online at 27prom which is a trusted global online wedding dress and dress factory.  Gladly I found a few that suit my friend’s dress dream. For you who have the same dress dream, I feature three amazing gowns above. Look at them; each piece is a worthy, right?  Let the dress image conveys its beauty. I recommend you to go to the store website to find out more stunning dresses. Happy searching, girls!


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